Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No more beds at the Inn.

Which isn't to say there's no place to sleep, since we still have the two beds that the owners left here for us, but the last of the "big" beds is now taken apart and ready to go.
It seems like I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I have a nagging suspicion that, once we come back from our house hunting in Vienna, and then on to Canada and back, there's not going to be a whole heap of time to mess about with these types of things.
I mean, it will all depend on what type of living arrangements we come up with, but I'm sure once the movers get the word to come in, they won't need any more than a couple days to show up.
It's probably better if I'm ready.The rest of the time seems to be spent wandering around trying to arrange our "stuff" so that it gets packed in a sensible fashion. Plus I really and truly don't want any of the "stuff" that was left behind by the owners.
Got enough of my own junk, thanks.

Oh, did I say "junk"?

I'll probably take a little trip to Ikea tomorrow to pick up a couple more of their nifty little clear plastic storage containers, and then head on into Enschede with the sewing machine. We bought the thing last November some time, and aparently it can be switched to 120 volts, but for that you need the proper cord. Had to order it of course, and I was originally only going to go pick up the cord. Meanwhile there was some rumblings about the tension giving the operator some grief, so I'll drop off the machine for the sewing machine guy to look at. Pretty sure it's no longer under warranty, but we'll see.

You may be wondering if I'm going to be doing all that on the bike? Well, no.
Not Enschede, and not a sewing machine. Gabe is once again going down to Bonn tomorrow and this time I don't have to drive, since there are two of them going from the Hengelo office and there was an offer from the Plant Manager to drive.

I'm just so sad.

Pretty sure I'll get over it.

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