Monday, August 31, 2009

Stringing you along.

OK, so I've been a tad busy, and I know there are those who check in from time to time, and I'm sorry. Really.
You probably wonder, "just what the heck could keep the guy busy? It's not like he has a job or anything!")
Well, lemme tell ya. Seems my job over the last little while has been mostly centred around running the roads.
Went down to Bonn on Wednesday night, which wasn't too painful both in terms of the drive and the accomodations, since we stayed at the Hilton. Nice place.
Dropped Gabe off at the Bonn office on Thursday morning and headed back to Kikkerland, since I had no desire to hang around Bonn all day. Besides, this was another "staff meeting", and these things usually run late. I heard later though that they actually finished up in a timely manner, but sometimes it's just not worth the aggravation of hanging around...
Traffic was fine on the way home that time, but on Friday when I went back to fetch Gabe and picked her up at noon, we had some trouble getting through the "Ruhr Gebiet", since that is probably the busiest area anywhere in Germany. This is the second time we've had trouble getting around Essen, and it seemed that every single road was backed up.
(Um, that site is all in German, but there are at least a couple maps. Sorry.)

I was getting a little anxious, since we were due to be home to meet up with a representative from the moving company sometime between three and four. Turns out he was coming all the way from Amsterdam and had been held up by traffic as well.
Such is life in Yurp.

So it didn't take him long to have a look at what needs to be shipped, since we only had about half of a small truck load to start with, and really have only bought the bikes, BBQ and bedding.
I was thinking of picking up some barbells, since I should probably try and keep myself in some sort of tone, but maybe later this week...

You think I'm kidding, and that I'm just hung up on some sort of alliteration high. No! I say! I do want some barbells!


The other thing is, depending on what sort of digs we end up with in Vienna, we may go out and purchase a teak furniture set (the outdoor type) and use it as table and chairs. We won't be going back to the card table routine I'm afraid. Did that in Horseheads, and it was pretty lame. Those fold up chairs are simply a non starter.

The logistics of that might prove a bit of a challenge, and I may end up looking for something in Vienna. The thing is though, we've seen some stuff here in Hengelo that was kinda nice, so we already have some ideas as to what we'd like to have. I might have to ask the Real Estate folks in Vienna if they know of any good Teak furniture stores.....

We'll see.

Speaking of which, we received an email back from someone on the house finding front with several possibilities. Having done this sort of thing last year here in the area, we more or less came up with a "cunning plan" this time around. Using where we are now as a guideline, Gabe simply sent off a list of requirements.
That was that.
We weren't unreasonable, but we do need to have room for guests and well, a half ways decent place to live. Turns out this place we're in now is around 190 square meters, so I figured I'd stand firm on a requirement of something around 150. That's partly 'cause this place is poorly laid out and well, if it looks like you're willing to "compromise", then asking for other little conveniences, like a place to park a car, doesn't seem too high and mighty.

When we first set foot in The Netherlands, we truly had no flippin' idea what was available, since there had be no way of knowing what we were supposed to be looking for. Our expectations were not even that high either, except that I would prefer not to have to come downstairs in the morning by way of a fire pole.

I'm just saying.

At the moment it looks like I'd better pedal my arse up the road and run a couple errands. I just might add a couple words later today.

No promises.


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