Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shopping at Ikea.

I can't say that I highly recommend it.

It was however, a necessary evil since the place we're moving in to has nary a closet. In spite of it being a new renovation, there was no thought about installing built-in closets. That is one of the very few things that I have to say has been a real convenience here in Delden.

Can't have everything though.

Would have been just way too much for us to handle if we had had built-ins here along with heat upstairs. I mean, I think I would have been beside myself with joy.

Best leave that alone, or I'll just go off on a rant, and get accused of being "negative"...

I'm just surprised that I haven't yet seen a "for sale" sign out front. Notice has been given, and I bounced the idea off our neighbours that maybe the owners might move back in, but there was some talk of the Mrs. suffering with her rheumatism when they were here. (getting more snippets of the real story)
Kind of makes sense when you consider that my heated shop back home is cozier than this place.

Once again, best to just stop....

But I digress.

What was I saying? Oh yes.

The Ikea thing.

I don't really shop at Ikea in Canada, any more than wandering in and picking up whatever I can carry out in two hands and getting away from the place, so this was a new experience for the two of us.

We had quite a list.and ended up using three of their goofy little unidirectional carts..

I'm not sure who designed those abominations, but seriously....somebody needs a kick in the posterior. At least two wheels need to be the non-steering type, otherwise just a pain in the rear to negotiate.
Maybe that's why the place seems so busy, since nobody dares pick up any more than what they can carry out in two hands?
We knew that we would have to have some of the bigger things delivered, so it was a matter of first figuring out the "system", then going to the big storage area and picking out all the components to the cabinets that we had selected. That is, along with the beds and mattresses we know we'll need in Vienna.
You'll notice on the third cart back there, (um, just to the right of the baby buggy) that there are some "bed parts"?

The somewhat amazing part is, everything was delivered Saturday night around 7:00 p.m!!

Um....we shopped for this stuff on Saturday....

That, I must say was a huge pleasant surprise.

I thought I misunderstood the gentleman at the counter, even though he was speaking English! I figured for sure it would be the middle of next week. Probably took us longer to gather up all the stuff, pay for it, and get our items delivered than for the guy to get it here by truck.

It was at the unloading that I realised the true value of the "cunning plan", since a few of the components are bloody heavy, and the whole lot adds up to around 350 kg. I more or less shoved it in the garage,

and then today went back out to straighten it out some, since everything was all over the place.

I have to send a note on to the moving company dude to let them know of the extra weight, even though I'm not so sure we're completely done....

You see, we've been looking at what we'll call the "linear footage" of clothes we have, and something doesn't quite compute.
I really think we might need another cabinet or perhaps a couple dressers, because I can't quite visualise where everything is going to go.
Just now I went to the Ikea website and I'll be darned if I can come up with just what the heck we ended up with, and probably won't quite remember until I put the two of them together. (we made a selection and then doubled it)

I just have to remember to go back on Thursday and pick up the three drawers they were missing.

Best to have everything here ready to go, rather than waiting to get to Austria.

I'll start the countdown in a couple days.

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