Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the move.

Don't have a lot of time left on our little internet allotment, so I'll have to sum things up.
We're presently still in Austria, having spent the first part of the week looking for a place to live.
Well, the two of us together on the Monday with the relocation lady along with at sometimes a host of real estate agents, then I went out to have a look around on the Tuesday as Gabe was working. With the exception of finding one place that was way more expensive, Tuesday didn't bring anything.
The plan is to be right in Vienna, in the thick of things, so to speak. We think we've found something, and have a back up if it doesn't pan out.
The back up location is out in district 21, which is Floridsdorf, and although a part of Vienna, certainly isn't "in the thick of things", so we're hoping the first choice works out.
I'll post details when I get myself someplace where the internet clock isn't ticking.
Today we head to the airport, which from here in Shrems, is about an hour and a half drive.
The hotel we're at here is actually in Gmünd, which is right on the Czech border, and there's a whole story there about why this location is close to the Czech border, but that will have to wait.
Plus, there's a somewhat shorter story about the fact that I used to have a pen-pal in Gmünd, about 35 years ago....
Crazy, huh?

We should be in Amsterdam this time tomorrow, and then in Canada later in the day.

Can't wait.

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