Thursday, September 24, 2009

You know it's Autumn when....

...solicitors start showing up at the door.

I noticed that within days of the kids going back to school, which was in mid August by the way, that the doorbell rang, and there stood someone about to put the bite on me for a couple Euros.

Actually, this young lad was selling some lame-assed greeting cards, and I already knew that I didn't even want to bother looking at them, since I still have the lame-assed cards I bought last year. (Well, as it happens, I think they must have gone out with the recycling, 'cause I was just looking for an example, and the cupboard is bare)
Um...not sure what the deal is with the sense of humour on some of the stuff over here, but it quite often has to do with cows and along with the cows... manure.

So I just gave him a couple Euros for whatever outfit he was collecting for, and sent him on his way.

Late yesterday afternoon again, the doorbell rings, which usually scares the cr*p outta me, and there stands a lady collecting for the "nierstichting"


It just so happens that I remember them from last year, in addition to which, "Nieren" is the same word in German as it is in Dutch, so I had already clued in last year that it was the kidney foundation. I keep money right by the door in the mail slot thingy, so she got what was there, which was a whopping €3,00.
Now before you go all wonky on me and think that's a little on the cheap side, first of all, that's darned near five bucks and, in light of an analogy to Hallowe'en, which is right around the corner, one does not give out all the candy to the first kid that shows up at the door. There's simply going to be more kids, and you'll need some for later.

Oh yes, that doorbell will ring a few more times.

Trust me.

And...I'm sure you care.

In other news....

After a flurry of emails yesterday, (hey, anything more than five is a "flurry", OK?)
we now know that the movers are coming on the 29th of October at 8:00 a.m. to pack. They'll be in Vienna on the 2nd of November.
There was some question as to whether I'd need time to paint or clean? All I can say is, I hope not. The place is already painted the typical apartment "off-white", and we've been assured that it will be clean. Plus they need to rehang a door that wasn't installed properly, but that's another story, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Now, just to add to your knowledge base, I figured I'd make mention of just how these guys are most likely going to get our stuff up to the fifth floor.

and on a different street, another version....

OK, those last guys were actually working on the building, but it's the same idea.

I took these last year in Brussels, but it really doesn't matter, as this practise is very common in the cities here in Yurp. The staircases are for the most part, just too danged hard to negotiate.

As for the travel plans over the next month or so, I swear I'd need to have a noggin' the size of one of these guys to try and repeat it here.
Lemme see:

Gabe is headed for Vienna next week, then at some point the two of us are going to be there around the weekend of the 10th of October, since we need to open a bank account and we're meeting up with some fellow Canadians who are flying in to Geneva and driving over to see us...., and then....oh cr*p....I'm empty.

Well, I know I have to be here for the 29th. I'm sure of that one.

I think my head is starting to do that Talosian twitch.

Stay tuned.

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