Monday, September 14, 2009

Home time.

I don't think it would entirely fair to sort of leave everything hanging, even though most everything going on here in "blog land" has to do with being in Yurp.
In the absence therefore of going on about hanging around airports, putting up with smelly farting people on airplanes or being jolted awake by some screaming banshee that then chooses to finally go to sleep after we're all OFF the flippin' plane....I'll instead put up a few pics and perhaps just the odd comment or two....

I didn't get too carried away while in Gmünd, since the town is pretty basic. There were a couple nice views however, including the little chapel that's in the centre of town.

The hotel....

Another view of the centre.

You'll notice that the layout is similar to the way Dutch cities used to be laid out say, thirty years ago. I don't think the Austrians are too interested in closing off town centres and making them all bike and pedestrian areas, however.

There's a certain amount of wine produced in Austria, and one of the sights one will see most anywhere, is the "Heuriger".

I had no idea what that was all about, but the young lady at the desk was able to clue me in.
This can either be a stand alone venue, or a drinking establishment where one can purchase locally grown wine.

This one happened to be directly behind the hotel.
Didn't open until four p.m. though, so it was given a pass this time around.

So for the two days that we were in the Shrems/Gmünd area, I kept getting stuck behind these tractors hauling potatoes, since it seems that, along with the wine, we were in potato country.
On Friday I followed one of these guys to see just where they were going, and I at least found the "staging area", but didn't think I wanted to go up the road to see where they were being stored. Too many tractors, too little room.

Now, I didn't stop to count them all, but I'm pretty sure that's a lot of potatoes.
And no, I didn't sneak off to New Brunswick to get this one either....

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