Saturday, November 1, 2008

Still no sun.

Honestly....I think the sun, no never did come out, it just stopped raining....briefly. We did get the bikes sorted out in terms of lights, bells, and saddle bags.
I think we're done.
So now I have the honkin' big bags on my bike, and I transferred the smaller ones over to Gabe's bike.

I still find my bike a little small, and I'm still tempted to simply buy a decent sized bike, that comes fully equipped.

We thought, since the weather was iffy, that we'd drive in to town and shop. (This was Saturday) Not a good plan. Came the bikes, went back....much easier. There's rarely the occasion when it's appropriate to drive. Plus, the A6 is a little it's not like I can choose just any parking spot. Even the Honda was a bit too large for some of the areas. The core area of Delden is pretty cramped, and that's all there is to it.

Here's another view of the honkin' big bags I now have on my bike. You can scoff if you wish, but this morning
(It's now Monday) I went shopping and might not have to go back for at least a couple days. I can put the contents of an entire grocery bag on each side.

This was taken on Sunday afternoon. We decided (since it wasn't raining) to ride in the general direction of Hengelo just to scout around.
We ended up doing about 12 km., which is no big deal of course, 'cept for those of us who might have been doing an accounting function for the last say, 25 years.

I realise that I don't look very happy, but I am, I swear. I just have a tendency to look miserable is all. If I'm really miserable, I look much worse.

Our butts were getting a bit sore, so we chose this as our half way point.
There are in fact some fall colours.

...although that's not particularly evident here.
We went for a little car ride later on down around Haaksbergen, and did indeed see some colourful trees. It all began to look the same after a while though, so when we got to Enschede, I got on the highway and came home.
As busy as it can be in some places, the areas that are limited to only bikes and walkers is very peaceful. No loser boys racing by with their stereos thumping....

Such bliss.

Made sure when I was shopping this morning, (and since I had the big assed saddle bags, I was using an honest to goodness shopping cart) that I picked up a birthday card for one of the in-laws. He was one of our guests a few weeks back. Anyhoo, I guess I was so thrilled to see something in English, that I didn't quite realise what was on the front of the card. I did at least put in an explanation.
I wasn't really sure about some of the cards that were only in Dutch, and figured I could very well have been wishing him a Happy Bar Mitzvah.

So fine....there's a big red rose on the front. But at least it says Happy Birthday, instead of who knows what. Sometimes ya gotta just make a choice, and take yer lumps.

Besides, I find that if anyone even remembers such a thing a my birthday, that in of itself is something to be considered.
That's my story, anyway.

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