Monday, November 10, 2008

Ohm's Law.

Not really a law in the legal sense, and I'll not make you read the whole thing, unless you really want to, but then again you just might have to, unless you're already somewhat familiar.

Pretty clear, huh?*

Since we had messed up the whole corner of the hallway with the bed situation, I could no longer have a lamp in the corner on a timer. The extension cords that the owner had left were a mile long, so I set out this morning to see what I could find. Ended up in an appliance store here in Delden.

Suffice to say I didn't feel I had the need to spend the €9,00 on an extension cord that was heavy enough to run a table saw, so when the offer was made to buy the cord and make my own, I figured that was a no brainer.
Plus it's the kind of stuff I've been doing off and on for say, the last 30 years or so?

So the wires look skinny, but that's because at 220 volts, the amperage is way down there. Once again....please refer to Ohm's law...

The pictures can tell the story from here:

The bits and pieces:

And now we have an extension cord..:)

The parts look way too dainty to be of any use, but there's not a lot of amperage involved there, so that gauge of wire is sufficient.

See reference above .

Plus, for anyone (in the "Americas") who's ever done this, you notice there's no "hot" , no "common" and no "ground"....
I realise it's a lamp cord and would not have a ground anyway, but only the appliances seem to be grounded here.

*I can see the look on your face from here. Basically it's this, when the voltage goes up, the amperage (the stuff that can make things get hot) goes down.
There, that's pretty much the extent of my electrical knowledge. That, and don't get your tongue near that stuff,
but that's another story.

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