Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's come to this

Not being one to present a problem without at least offering one or two solutions, I'd like to present my solutions to a minor irritation.

First of all my guess is, that the collective Dutch engineering consciousness has so single mindedly been tied up with the problems of water management over the last centuries, that some issues with house design have fallen by the wayside.
Let me emphasize that, they have indeed come to grips with the whole water management issue.
I mean, there are canals, dikes, tunnels.....roads on dikes, tunnels under canals.

Fabulous, really.

Not only that, but the upkeep is constant. I'm forever seeing machines busy clearing out waterways to make sure everything flows as it should.
Certainly not like when we were in Puerto Rico where, I'm pretty sure if you left your lawn sprinkler on too long, there would be have been a road closure due to a flood. Even if they had drainage, it would have been clogged with trash.

Oh, and you had to always back your car into a parking spot on Eaton property in case of a flash flood.

But I digress.

Here's the thing. (yes, the problem)

The kitchen in this place is the warmest room in the house.
That's clever now isn't it?

I realise that the kitchen we had in Puerto Rico (sorry to bring it up again) would get up into the high 80s by late afternoon but hey, I could cook outdoors on the BBQ just fine, and drying one's clothes anywhere your little heart desired was not a problem.

See, it would be oh so nice to have a little of that heat upstairs. Apparently heating the upstairs was a bit of an afterthought, since there's really only the one forced air vent in the bathroom, in the shower of all places, along with one puny little floor vent in the otherwise unheated room over the garage.

Since the dryer is in stiff competition with the washing machine for the "piece of crap of the year" award, the preference is to remove the clothes from the washing machine at the end of the day (since that's how long it takes to do a load most days) and hang it where ever I can in the house.

Starting way back when, I initially used whatever means I could to dry clothes throughout the house, including a set of four wicker chairs, two of which we use in the kitchen, along with the railing upstairs or the built in clothes line in the room over the garage.

That was when it was a bit warmer.

With the change in the seasons, and the dropping of the outside temperature (read: the temperature upstairs) it can take the better part of a week for stuff to dry anywhere except the kitchen.

So this is where we're at.....

By the time I got home from shopping this morning at 11:30, that fitted sheet was completely dry and had only been there for a couple hours.

Pretty close to a miracle.

I've heard tell of contraptions they have in the UK that one can lower from the ceiling. Kinda makes sense to me, but this ain't my house....Not sure I want to start drilling holes in the guy's ceiling.
So we'll just muddle along with this system, putting the "long term drying" up in the cold room...

This stuff has been there since Monday. It might be dry. Not sure.
I prefer not to check too often to avoid disappointment.

So....if the laundry does better in the kitchen, does that mean I can keep the bread fresh upstairs in the walk-in closet?

Or, as Gabe calls it, "the torture chamber"?

Hey, maybe we could go into the "fur storage" business!!

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