Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Milestone.

I've been meaning to set up the PC for some time now, but it seemed like one of those less than rewarding chores that would be fraught with frustration. (oohh, some alliteration for the plebs)
Turns out that the PC can be switched to 220, and the screen and the printer will run on 220 or 110.


I had already made that discovery about the printer a while back when I needed to print something or other, but was surprised to see that the screen could simply be plugged directly into the wall as well.
The dilemma is having enough of the little adapter thingies to go around. As it is I had to use an extension cord contraption that I found in the utility room, since one of the outlets feels like the guts are worn out.
There's no surge protection involved here, but these puppies are not going to be left on and unattended under any circumstances.
I was pleased to see that a particular recording that I was missing (shipped an empty cd jacket) is on this computer, now I just have to go out and pony up the dough for a spindle of cds, since I left all mine at home, (dummy) burn a copy and put it in it's proper spot.

Either that, or go out and get an Ipod adapter for the car....

Speaking of laying out a little dough, it might be a good idea to spring for a wireless adapter for this thing since, for me anyway, a computer without an Internet connection is pretty much a glorified word processor.
The screen saver is nice though, isn't it? It was taken in the Dominican Republic coming up on a year ago.
Here's a slightly different view.

I'm sure you care.
At first I thought the speakers had somehow been damaged in shipping, but it turns out that dim wit here had plugged the jack into the wrong spot. A combination of poor eyesight and well, did I mention...dim wit?

This is why these activities can sometimes be frustrating.

Oh, speaking of frustration.....today on my daily foraging for food (see alliteration above) I found pine nuts! Wasn't even looking for them either!
...and we looked and looked on Saturday!
So now Gabe can make pesto. We had bought some in a jar, but I was a bit overwrought and bought the pine nuts anyway.
Couldn't help myself.

Now, in keeping with the milestone theme, tonight we'll be starting our Dutch language lessons. We get an hour each. The company is footing the bill for a 100 hours of instruction for each of us. I haven't worked out how many weeks it will take at an hour a week for us to go through 100 hours, but we might be back in Canada by the time we get 'er done.
We do get time off (for what? good behavior?) as long as we give the guy a couple days notice.

Oh....and his name?

Wait for it.

Nico Klumpers

I'm not sure exactly why it is that we find that name just so amusing, but I somehow have this image of some guy who looks like Steven Seagal showing up in wooden shoes*!


And did you count the number of times I had to use the word "adapter"?


*and yes, I know that would be "klompen", but still.

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