Friday, October 31, 2008

Trying to be sunny.

And I'm not just talking about the weather.
Gabe is home....and sitting at the dining room table trying to get on to different conference calls.
Lemme 'splain.

I picked her up at the train station this morning at 11:00 in Hengelo, and she was already supposed to be on a conference call, so there was obviously no post trip debriefing in the car, since she had her crackberry plugged in to her ears and was making notes in her big red book (apparently, it will be a "red" book until they make a profit....curious to see if she fills that sucker) and then when we got in the house (she's still on the call) she carries on all the while setting up her computer. Unfortunately the key fob she was given to be able to do this (gives you a little secret code that you put in) didn't work, so she had to call some person to sort that out.....and then was unable to get on a second call 'cause nobody bothered to call in.

How can that be?

As and aside, I just find that the amount of cr*p people get away with in a large organisation is utterly baffling. I mean, I realise that I'm sure as heck no ball of fire, but when I was invited to a meeting, whether it on on site, or at a remote location. I made sure I was there. How hard is that? We didn't have the luxury of such a thing as conference calls, and I'm pretty sure that would have meant most participants would be sitting around in their pjs. (I was going to somehow do a pun on participants, emphasizing the "pants" bit, but nothing was forthcoming...underpants?......whatever.)

Btw, Gabe doesn't particularly appreciate being photographed as she exits various airports and train stations, so that's why I try to make sure she's sort of off in the distance. Just after she spotted me, she thought she'd hide behind that unsuspecting guy just there. It was too late.

Meanwhile, I think I'll pedal myself into town and grab a couple things, since I have no particular supper plans. At this point in the day taking anything but a bike is complete idiocy, since it's market day in Delden and the parking is at a premium.
Oohh...I just realised, I could actually take a picture with the new camera, and it might actually turn out. The HP is sitting somewhere. Not sure what to do with that P.O.S. It's not even heavy enough to be a decent door stop.

Now let me tell you about hanging around here on ones own for a few days, particularly a couple words about cooking for one.

It sucks.

Here I am about to slap some chicken on the grill....

Do I make sure to have a meal? A sandwich? Better have some fibre!

I did manage to spend some time on the guitar (my fingers hurt) since it had been a long time since I've picked up the thing, which is why my fingers hurt. Did I mention my fingers hurt?
Not to mention the fact that my brain hurts too, due to the inability to remember a danged thing. Not sure if it's because I'm getting old (like that's a surprise) or if I just didn't have all that much to work with in the first place. Possibly a deadly combination of the two.


I should mention that, yesterday I decided to go into town by car, which turned out to be a bit of a drag, since it turns out that they are indeed working on the Salt Museum, where Anna, Harry and I went for a visit back in September. As it happened we were there on the last day before they were about to close. The visit was just so exciting...


Um, for those of you for whom it needs to be pointed out....that was sarcasm, since it was boring as hell..... because really, how the heck are you going to thrill me with extracting salt from the ground?? It's not like the Dutch discovered the whole process. I mean, the Romans were using salt as a means of payment way back when...but I digress.
(look up the entomology of the word "salary")
The part that I found most amusing, or perhaps baffling, not sure which, was the seriousness with which the ladies who were manning the front counter chose to conduct themselves. Like, my Gott in Himmel! This is the Salt Museum!
I'm pretty sure most folks who live in Delden tend to just give it a sideways glance and that's about it.

Anyway, it was much easier today by bike, let me tell you....

You can see why...

So the road to the Doctor's office (he's just around to the left) is completely blocked, and the traffic on Langestraat (the main drag in Delden) is only open to one lane of traffic.

And look....the picture is actually clear and easy to look at. (I hope you know enough to click on the pics....they are hyperlinks after all)

I might have to go back and retake a whack of pictures. Too bad the guests that were the victims of the previously fuzzy photos are already back in Canada.

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