Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beginning to settle down.

A week has gone by, and I hear from my "peeps" that a blog entry is long over due.


Turns out I have a life here after all, and the days simply fly by.

Took Angus to the airport yesterday morning at a rather early hour.
I was the one with the alarm clock, so I dutifully woke up before it was supposed to go off at 4:30 (does this come with getting old??) and went in to wake him up.

Of course, he was already awake.
(note comment above)

Next thing I know, he's in the front hall, dressed and ready to go out the door at roughly 4:32 and a half....
I just said, "ok, I think you were in the military just a little too long....and don't you think you'd like a little toast or something?"

We ate some breakfast.

Traffic was great at that time of the morning, which is the only good thing about a flight at 7:45 a.m.
Punted him out of the car* at about 5:20 or so, so he had gobs of time.

(*just means I dropped him off, ok?)

When I called his place later that day, he was back home, and had already been out to see the horses and all that kind of farm boy stuff.

Speaking of which, on Tuesday we went up to Mennonite country, since that's also a place where there are a couple really decent suppliers of horse equipment. The stuff you get around here is fine for horse back riding and such, but if you want the real goods you need to go where they use horses every day.
Headed for Elmira, and then on to Wallenstein.
We were there once before, but it was quite a long time ago, and there was no way I could find these places from memory. The gps was the most useful for simply telling me the quickest way to get back home again, since it doesn't do well with rural addresses.

He bought a couple collars and had them shipped home.

These places had every thing you could possibly imagine, and a couple that went beyond that.

(If you've ever smelled "Absorbine Jr." that's available in the drug store....this stuff is even stinkier.)

Here's Angus at our dinner table pursuing one of his favourite activities.
Now in his defence, he is dishing out some salad, since long gone are the days when we could eat just about anything willy-nilly.
We've even gone over to the yogurt and Grape-Nuts program in the mornings.
Anyone reading who hasn't hit the half century mark and doesn't know what that's all about, all I can do is quote Liza Doolittle from "My fair Lady" when she says, "Just you wait".

Even though I had said that I had nothing planned for the Saturday, that didn't mean there was nothing to do.

The bride to be had a whack of things to get off her list. Here she is on the left putting together the centre pieces.

...with her Mom on the far right, and her cousin Ljuba.

You'll notice that Angus is on the computer.

Poor bugger has dial up back in Nova Scotia and, although he was a complete Luddite only a couple years ago, ever since he got a computer, he's been trying every which way to get something a bit faster in the way of upload speed where he lives.
He may end up having to go with some sort of wireless program, but he's not sure if it's going to work for him or not.

So he spent almost every spare minute looking up things to do with draught horses and how to judge them, along with a You-Tube video thrown in for good measure.

Just so happens that he was invited to judge a horse show just last week.

That's him there in the black hat, with the competitors lined up ready to find out how they place....

The wedding on Sunday was just fine. Everything went off
without a hitch.

The bills are still coming in.

I might have to go back to work.

The horror.

(ok, so I've never actually had to do that, but you know what I mean)
That's not actually me, but the likeness is a bit scary. I'm not into that whole pocket protector program though.

There were scads of wedding pics taken. I'll throw in a couple here for good measure.

Yes, that's an actual wedding photo.
They're competing to see who gets the centre piece.
Ah, the things you can convince otherwise perfectly normal people to their good clothes no less.

Here the newly weds are doing the signing.

They do have serious looks on their faces don't they?

Tomorrow I'll head down to the plaza in the morning to put some finishing touches on some millwork that my nephew and I were working on today. I might have to take some pics....
He and his wife are opening a massage therapy type place, and he needed a little help, so we had some fun today in my shop.

Stay tuned..

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