Friday, October 10, 2008

Didn't fall off the planet.

...just went half way around it, since we're back home in Canada for the upcoming wedding of my younger daughter.
There have been many preparations going on in our absence, and I don't really feel all that left out. Funny 'bout that.
Rehearsal tonight at six. I'll get a chance to have a look at where the event will take place.
Among the preparations, there was one that not everyone has to deal with, and that was getting the cat "prepared".
Ok, let me explain, it's not like he's part of the ceremony.
I think it was Monday morning, Kathryn (bride to be) and I were chatting about something or other and the cat emerged from wherever he had been sleeping and proceeded to barf on the floor next to her feet. Not sure what he ate, but we're pretty sure there was cat hair involved. He's a hairy so and so.
I said, "Ok, that's it...he's getting shaved! " I don't need him making those kinds of contributions when we have guests over the weekend.
The thing is, we've only tried this activity ourselves one time, and decided it wasn't for the faint of heart. He doesn't like getting shaved, so he's very combative and besides, we came a little too close to some sensitive bits with the clippers.
So the combination of guilt (there was only a little blood, I swear) and a sense of dread pretty much rules out any home hairstyling. So he goes off to the vet, where Anja is pretty much one with the clippers.
As a side note, Anja is also one with the Dutch language, so if need be, I can send snippits to her and she'll translate.

The entertainment value of the result is certainly worth the

I should say that, I did take a second couple shots with a new camera that I recently purchased.
Huge difference in the result.

He still looks just as goofy, but he has a sharper image, so to speak.
Don't think I'd heard my brother laugh that hard in quite a while.

We also needed our spare bedroom, since we shipped a couple beds to Yurp, so I brought it home and installed it in the driveway.

The wedding rehearsal was relatively painless, as was the fetching of the rental garments.

I don't think the fitting was actually as painful as the traffic we had to endure getting to the venue. Seems to be a common theme lately.

I took a few rather uninteresting photos of us trying to figure out what to do, and with the exception of them being of much better quality, there's no merit to sticking them here, with the exception of this one, since I'm pretty sure if involves thinking of cake, and how to get to it.....

No plans for all..

Thank-you very much.

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