Thursday, October 2, 2008

If you set it, they will come.

There have been claims by the womenfolk that there are
indeed unwelcome guests in the attic.
Personally, I haven't heard them, but that doesn't necessarily absolve me from having to somehow deal with the situation.
So I learned a couple new words and headed up to the dollar store equivalent here in Delden.
Also managed to come up with swiffer cloths for the one that was left behind by the landlord. Too bad we didn't bring one of the four or so that we left back in Canada...
Must say, I was actually on the cusp of an actual conversation with the lady in the dollar store. Never know, those lessons might just do the trick.
It wasn't until I got home that we noticed the company name on these contraptions.
I guess mice are not held in the highest regard.

What d'ya think?
These guys even have their own Maybe a good business to invest in, who knows? Probably doing better than most of the stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange or the NYSE these days.

Our guests now have their rental car, which we picked up in Enschede. They'll do the same as we did, and drop it at the airport.
Turns out not to be a VW product, but a small Fiat. Even on the smallest of cars they always manage to put in four doors.
Wandered around Enschede for an hour or so before heading back to Delden. It was a bit of a blustery day, and Anna was getting cooled down considerably, so we made a brief stop for some coffee and a quick trip to the WC.
It can be a challenge to find a washroom in public places so we didn't mind sitting down for a coffee. The place was hopping, since it was right around lunch time.
Enschede does seem to be a little rougher around the edges. We might stop by the market there on Saturday.
I couldn't for the life of me find the proper entrance to the underground parking, so we ended up parking close to the train station, which thankfully looked familiar.

Unfortunately, this entry is going to be a day late, since I just didn't have that much to say yesterday.
Somehow my old man's ability to talk the ear off an elephant was being suppressed, along with my ability to sleep through the night last night. Not sure what's up with that, but I woke up at around three and didn't really get back to sleep until later on. CNN had those goofy debates on, but I didn't want to upset my stomach any worse than it already was.
Spent the day snoozing in front of the idiot box, since I've discovered that snooker is definately a game that can knock you right out.
Our guests meanwhile, took a little drive over to Deventer, and the reports are good. It's right on the Ijssel river, and is quaint. Might be a place worth visiting.
The disadvantage they have of being the first guests is that we don't really have all the info required to be the ultimate hosts and make informed recommendations.
When we lived in Puerto Rico, I had the time to go around and check out some of the places the locals would rave about, and subsequently discover if a place was worth a visit. Gringos and Puerto Ricans have very different sensibilities it seems. Our friend Jennifer in Switzerland can certainly attest to that. She's more of a world traveller than I'll ever be, and was living on the island at the time. Any advise she gave for where to go or what to do was well heeded.

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