Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New wheels

Well, there it is.
We'll see if it was worth waiting six months for. I'm reasonably certain that it is, even though I'll be taking it quite easy until the thing is broken in.
Missing a couple features that would have been nice, like power seats and an iPod jack thingy. No big deal.
You're probably thinking, "what, can't adjust your seat, ya whimp?" Well, with two drivers who have completely different ideas as to what is comfortable, power seats with a memory button is a pretty useful feature. The person who has our previous car (a Volvo S60) is no doubt happy to have such a convenience.
What it does have, is gobs of torque. I haven't come close to opening the throttle and it just goes. I thought a two litre diesel would be whimpy, but not so.
As anyone who has ever followed the American Lemans Series can tell you, Audi does have a way of getting lots of power from a fairly small engine. This idea goes back over thirty years as I recall.
The manual sez the top speed for this particular vehicle is only 210kph. The six cylinder 3 litre tdi will do 247.

Gee, I....feel so cheated.

Then of course if you want to really zip along, you need to go with the gas model (4,2 litre) which is limited to 250 kph. Of course, it probably doesn't get the reported 50 mpg that this thing can. (go to the internet, read the bulletin boards)

I'm pretty skeptical about the reported mileage, but who knows? I won't be doing any extended highway driving just yet, although we need to go to Bonn in mid November. Plus, a trip back to Brussels has to happen some time before Christmas.
I already said to Gabe that there's no way we want to stay at the Best Western, and not just because the room was stinky and small, but the underground parking is really, really cramped. As it was I was tempted to back in when we had the Honda. I would happily stay at some place outside of town, since driving to the location is no longer such a mystery.
And btw, just went out to grab the manual, and some bird had already crapped on it....


Meanwhile (yes, there was a bit of a break there) I've been off to pick up Gabe and take her to the train station.
The train was leaving at 18:05 and I had arranged to pick her up at 17:30, and of course she had to print something out at the last minute, (it's that whole profit plan thing) and then started getting stressed because I wasn't driving fast enough. (??) This is when we're still on the plant acreage, and I didn't think it would be all that cool to run over some poor bastard going home by bike. It's also one of those times when I could very well spit nails, but instead I try and remain calm. Let me repeat that, I try and remain calm. Best not to say anything regrettable when confronted with an obviously stressed executive.
Made it to the train with about 10 minutes to spare. She already had her ticket, since they have them at work, and all she needs to do is have the thing stamped at the machine before she gets on. (otherwise big trouble...) She just called that she was already at the airport and that the conductor didn't even get a chance to make it up to the first class car, since it was so packed. Working on the train is quite easy, and they even have electrical outlets in case your computer is running low on juice.
They say it's been snowing in the UK so it was a good thing I sent her off with her coat and mittens.

I swear I need a check list at the door.

Nothing else going on, not even any decent football.
Maybe I'll see if there are any half decent podcasts or whatever on the net.
'nuff said, I'm starting to even bore myself....

Keep yer collective sticks on the ice.

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