Monday, January 5, 2015

Why it’s called a Wind Instrument.

Never thought of it before,  but after not even a half hour on the thing, I’m “winded”.  


I was even starting to sweat a little,  and considering that it’s not even all that warm downstairs, that’s going some.

Even though I’m not overly keen on “New Years Resolutions”,  I’ve decided that come hell or high water, I’m going to try and play that damned thing at least a half hour a day.  Until at least I can do it without wishing for sweet death.  Gah! 

It’s been over 30 years since I put one down for the last time,  and I just thought I’d maybe torture myself a little.


Anyway,  speaking of wind…

She’s a cold one out there. 

Baby it's cold.

Not that I was out for very long,  but we were running out of coffee.  Yikes!  Can’t have that!   I stocked up before Christmas and well,  we went through it.

I suppose I could break down and brew some coffee,  but I like my single serving situation.

If they only had underground parking at Costco.  That would be awesome.  Bit of a wind chill thing going on there.

Mind you, not to be outdone,  it’s naturally colder in the Prairies.


As I type this,  Daughter Number One is headed that way for a couple site meetings.  Thankfully it doesn’t involve hard hats and safety boots,  or being out of doors for very long at all.   She’s seeing to a couple bank renos out there,  as she’s an Interior Designer and has the lovely job of sometimes helping the General Contractors read and understand what her firm has very kindly laid out for them.  We hear some fun stories.   People be dumb some times.

Oh and,  “Interior Designer”  should not be confused with “Interior Decorator”,  although she does have a pretty good eye for that too.   Funny thing, back when she went to college for her ticket, (degree, whatever) all the well coiffed ladies were dropping like flies in her first year of study when they suddenly had to start learning first the building code, then the electrical code and so on.   It’s not just about having a “good sense of colour”,  as some of their well coiffed girlfriends were too happy to tell them.  I can just hear them saying, “Oh,  you should take interior design!”   Right.   The judicious use of “throw pillows”  doesn’t quite cut it.

Mind you,  the glamour of travelling to Winterpeg does start to wear off in a hurry.

Kind of like when Travelling Companion got to fly to Morges, Switzerland, among other exotic locales.  When told of such exploits,  folks would ‘oohh’,  and ‘aah’,  but after the first half dozen times or so, the bloom falls off that rose in a hurry.


Oh,  and there’s yet one more wind segue.  One of the windbags in Ottawa got demoted!   Of course,  if he got fired,  that would have been even better, but it’s too much of an “Old Boys Club” for that to happen.

Julian Fantino demoted.


Commons 20140130

Turns out our American friends don’t exactly have the market cornered when it comes to useless twits in government.  We got our share,  now let me tell ya.

As one commenter on a website offered, “Different puppet,  same strings”.  This was in reference to his replacement.  On him I have no comment.


For those of you not quite in the know,  the “Honourable” Mr. Fantino was the Minister of Veterans Affairs.   Unfortunately,  under his 18 month tenure,  it became quite obvious that he had the PR skills of a mountain goat.

I love that term “Honourable”.  *snort*! 

As if.   Just do a search on that guy.  There are all kinds of articles outlining just how much he is despised by all the veterans from coast to coast.


OK,  fingers are getting chilly sitting here.  Need to stoke the furnace.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. From someone who hasn't even stepped outside today (at a balmy 50 degrees F, I should be ashamed).... I shalln't comment on the weather..... I don't know a thing about interior design, my only hope is that the folks who design such things actually live in those spaces before foisting them off on the rest of us. Case in point.... (not sure if this applies) but I was amazed at the lack of electrical outlets, and where they were placed, on our recent trip to Asia.

  2. I am proud to say that we never NEVER have run out of coffee at any time.Such a disaster-spelling thing we can't have. But you might find three kilos of the dark brew powder in our cupboards at any time.

    Related to "Interior Designer" is the "Interior Technician" which so happens to be my education.

  3. I recently picked up my guitar for the first time after 30 years of being a crappy strummer. 1/2 hour a day of torture, I now look forward to it and play probably an hour. You have to build your wind, I had to build callouses on my finger tips. Keep it up my friend.

  4. "Wind" and politicians... now there's a natural fit. Damn blowhards all.

  5. I always have a one month or more supply of coffee on hand.
    Oh can warm that weather up by the weekend for me please?

  6. Not looking to get overly warm over the next few days. Hope those heaters are working.


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