Monday, January 12, 2015

Like wrestling an alligator.

Only without the teeth.  And the squirming.

Well let’s face it, I’ve never wrestled anything, so I have no idea.

Oh wait.

Except for one guy way back in grade nine.  We’re talking 1972 here.  Poor bugger was in my “weight class”,  but was about a foot shorter than I, with stubby little arms.  Pinning him was easy peasy.  And no,  I was not going to be on the school’s wrestling team. 

As if.

They asked.  I quickly shot down that idea.

It’s like phys ed teachers are forever trolling for suckers.  Bad enough that phys ed was mandatory for both grades nine and ten.  You could drop it in the later grades, but of course that was when they did cool things like golf.   Yes.  Golf.  What the hell?

Way to make up an enticing program for all the newbies in grade nine.  Like I want to do wrestling or *shudder* gymnastics.  You could get hurt!  Let me go out and learn to swing a golf club!  That’s a true “life skill”.

Speaking of which,  that was the same poor bugger who broke his tibia while trying to do some sort of flip.  AND the idiot phys ed teacher (yes, I said “idiot”) was going to move him to the nurse’s room.  I distinctly remember saying, “I heard it snap!”.  

I said it quite forcefully,  I seem to recall.  No wonder that teacher never liked me much.  

Pretty sad when a dim-witted little grade nine such as yours truly, had a better understanding of the limitations of a feller’s leg bone than the highly edumacated teacher type person.

They went and got a gurney.  Stubby was off for a couple days and sure enough,  he showed up on crutches sporting a cast with yup,  a broken tibia.

I’m not going to name teacher names.  He’s not dead yet.  I’m sure I’ll never know.


But hey,  yesterday’s theme was dumb people.  We should really move on.



Today was get the kids new rug out of our dining room day.

Which meant I once again had to get it into the Merc.  Thankfully son-in-law muscled it up the full flight of stairs to their place.


Pets are always highly intrigued by new smelly things.  Especially “Puck”,  their ADHD cat.

Well,  I say he’s ADHD,  but then maybe that’s just the way of cats.  It’s possible. 

He’s a little….different.


There were instructions.  The first one of which was for the dog,  telling him to get OFF the rug for just a minute or two.  Not an easy thing to explain to a dog.  “You can come back in a minute,  but for now take a hike!”  He actually knew what to do.


Then of course, there’s the dummy.  I mean,  ADHD cat.


He likes to chew on plastic.  He doesn’t seem to eat it.  Just chew it.  Allegedly.



Then of course,  he lost interest in the plastic and chose to sniff every square inch of the new rug.  Like,  for the next half hour or so.

Didn’t take him long to once again lose interest, and head off for a nap in the dog’s crate.  Not sure what’s going on there.  A safe place?  Trying to annoy the dog?  Both are possibilities. (He’s not really that dumb.)

All that rug sniffing is HARD WORK for a cat.

I didn’t take a photo.

Speaking of wrestling things out the door,  Saturday we decided was the day to take down and turf out the tree.

I have a regular routine.  I wrap it up in an old curtain and haul it out that way.  I’ve never been overly keen to fill up the vacuum with all the needles that are ready to fall off at that point. 



Only problem is,  I’ve been out of the school system for so long, that my old curtains are starting to come apart.  In several places.  I may have to resort to a tarp next year. 

The tree is already at the curb,  and will be picked up next week by the region.  They mulch them up and add them to the big pile of dirt that they offer back to residents each year in the form of rich soil/compost.  Free.  You just have to show up with some means of carting it off.  It’s kind of a cool idea really.  They explain it on one of their webpages.


OK,  now I’m just starting to ramble.  That’s a good indication that I’m “empty”.  Still hanging in there in the NFL pool.  Gawd only knows how I managed that one.  We’ll see what next week brings.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. More good things accomplished, and playing with the pets is fun.
    Lotsa fun memories.

  2. Cool! This spring you can fill the Merc's trunk with a load of former Christmas trees for your garden. :c)


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