Sunday, January 4, 2015

It just might be the time to clean out the fridge.

You know,  that moment when you look in and realise that you have very little desire to try and resurrect some week old little cheese cake thingies,  or maybe try and scrape off the mould from the hard cheese.  

Soft cheese no.  Hard cheese yes.  That’s what they say anyway, although I tend to look on any mouldy cheese as being suspect.

And actually,  the cheese was fine.  I’d prefer you not get the impression that we leave the cheese that long.

And it’s not all about the cheese.  I’m not hung up on cheese.  Really.

Thankfully Daughter Number Two came by with a dinner offering,  which was basically a straight swap with the leftovers we had saved for her and hubby from our Friday night “post New Years gathering”.   New Years was on a Wednesday,  so we chose to ignore it on the party end of things.  I was tucked into my bed well before midnight.  Trust me.

Which is not to say that I’ve never celebrated (or probably more accurately observed) New Years,  but it needs to be some place like Vienna or maybe Vegas.  We’ve ‘done’ both of them,  and won’t return.   Oh well,  and we ‘did’ Maui too I suppose.   Otherwise?  Meh, I’d just as soon go to bed.

“Party” is also a very loose definition as well these days.  There were no noise makers or party hats.  Not a chance.


Anyway, was I saying something?

There was Beef Bourguignon.  (Hey, we don’t have just crappy left overs!)



On a bed of basmati rice,  heated up in the microwave.  This is the version that Daughter Number Two brought over,  after her boss heard that Travelling Companion had made another version the other day.  Her Boss owns a place called Boffos.  Under their new ownership,  Noel and Heather at least have a web presence on The Book of Face.  I *think* they have a website,  but it didn’t come up.



I’ve added T.C.s in the second photo.  It’s a version that was done by Julia Childs.  You can have a look here.   Note the prep time is a total of six hours?   Um. Ya.

I think there are shorter versions,  truth be told.   AND,  the version that Daughter Number Two brought over was a really good alternative.  Sorry Julia.

And yes,  I added it, since we are in fact trying to clean out the fridge.  Except that we’re not going to start loading up our plates with everything that’s in there.  I need to be alive tomorrow.


I guess that’s all that’s in my pea brain this time around.  The snow melted again,  so that’s fine by me.  Actually,  at one point today the sun tried to come out.  Unfortunately it was raining at the time.  There’s a good chance we’ll have some crazy weather this winter.  We certainly had our share over the summer.


Keep those sticks on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. My sister made that Julia Child beef thingy for 40 people one time. go figure. kudos to T.C. for making it. I have the book, but have never tackled this famous dish.

  2. If you're like Kathy she just recreates most of the leftovers so that you always think you're eating a fresh dish. The one thing she doesn't do is overstock the fridge so she never has to look at the start of a science experiment.
    Looks like you'll be bundling up again starting this week.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Oh my... you should have Bill in your household.... he's the original Hoover.... nothing is too old or too many days (or more) past its prime for him to scarf down. Not only that, but he compliments me on fixing a great dinner when he's done.... (maybe I should start worrying about what my meals taste like first time around?) Actually, your "leftovers" look delicious....

  4. My wife asks me, "does this smell bad to you?" If you have to ask, toss it.

  5. My better half is pretty persistent in using the the left overs-something about waste not.... When left to my own devices, they usually end up in the trash.

  6. I'm with you on being suspect of any moldy looking cheese! Nice dinners!


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