Monday, January 26, 2015

So much for that trend.

There’s that moment when you’ve said something,  and you then later regret it ever having passed your lips?  I don’t mean saying something nasty to someone.  I’ve tried to curtail that sort of thing over the last say, couple decades.

Otherwise there’s the “post visit debriefing”.  No guy likes one of those.  You know,  when the conversation starts out with, “You shouldn’t have said….(fill in the blank).”

No, I’m talking about saying things like,  “Well, I sure don’t mind that there’s been no snow so far this winter.”  “Nyuk nyuk.”

Feeling all smug.

That kind of thing.  Best to just shut up and move on.

It’s almost like “jinxing” it.  Or at least that’s what it feels like.  I know for sure that we never comment on how “well” we’re doing when on the race course.  That’s an absolute no-no.  There’s the sense that,  just as soon as you say something to that effect,  the head sail will totally rip right in half.  Or something equality terrifying and/or game ending will take place. 

Curious bit of human behaviour, yes?


Anyway,  we’re getting it.

And we’re only on the very edge.  This is just Lake Effect stuff.



There was just a light dusting earlier this morning,  which is why we figured the cleaning lady (don’t like that term, but there it is) would certainly be on her way.  

She didn’t make it.  Comes in from Hamilton.  There was no snow there.  There’s no snow just to the East of us.  We just happen to be right in its path.



Of course,  we didn’t know that earlier this morning,  and since neither of us like to be here when she’s here doing her thing, we opted to go out for breakfast.

Actually,  Travelling Companion figured she’d hide out in her sewing room,  but then remembered that she had a conference call at 10:00 a.m.   So fine,  after breakfast I dropped her off at The Company that Cannot be Named.

For breakfast, we thought we’d get away from the usual fare of eggs in some form or other,  and decided to have pancakes.


OK,  this is the amount of pancakes we had left over AFTER we had had our fill.


When our server brought them out,  neither of us quite knew what to say.  Was the cook using up the batter?  Was it because I had said that whoever was on the grill on Mondays was maybe using a little too much oil?  This is my regular Wednesday morning place of breakfast,  so I’m not going to not say something, but that was the other reason we thought we’d shy away from eggs.  Last time we were there on a Monday,  our cheese omelettes were a wee bit too greasy.  

I’ve never been one to turn away food,  or complain about getting too much.  I mean,  who does that?  Are ya mental?

Besides,  yer payin’ for it Dummy,  just take it home.

So fine,  I had a couple more pancakes when I got home at around 11:00.   Only this time with real maple syrup. We were given Aunt Jemima to put on our pancakes.  Meh, no big deal, but there is certainly a big difference between actual maple syrup and Aunt Jemima.  Sorry for those of you who think there’s some possible similarity,  but you’re just wrong.

The bottle had the modern version of Aunt Jemima and everything.


Aunt Jemima buttermilk 

I couldn’t seem to find a decent image to pilfer.  She doesn’t wear the dew rag anymore. Did you know that?

Too offensive? 

Aunt Jemima dew rag

Just needed a make-over?


When you see some of the older renditions, that’s when you really start to feel yourself make that painful face.


Aunt Jemima poor grammar

Oh dear. 

Sad to say,  my dear ole Pappy could do a pretty good imitation of someone with those particular qualifications (I’m treading on thin ice here).  Shall we say, grammar skills? 

I would just cringe whenever he’d start to imitate what he considered to be a perfect rendition of a “person of colour”. 

Different generation. 

Different…moral compass?

Probably why he really got a kick out of All in the Family.  I felt sorry for Edith.  And Meathead. 

I do realise that it was a show to poke fun at the likes of Archie Bunker,  but I’m afraid that message went right over the head of many viewers.  Including my dear ole Pappy.   Poor sap.  


Anyway,  let’s not get all maudlin.  Or sentimental.  The snowstorm could be depressing enough.  

See what I did there?  It’s a depression?  Huh huh?




OK I’ll stop now.


Keep your powder dry.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Not because it bothered me (I grew up with a Dad who was... shall we say... not exactly liberal.... and a Mother who really, honestly believed we were all alike)... But because you talked about maple syrup... the REAL stuff! I'm going to write about that. If we still had the farm in Ohio, we'd be out gathering sap from the maple trees, boiling it down.... savoring the most delicate, delicious liquid that exists. Really hard work... and disastrous if you forgot and let all those many, many gallons of sap boil down to a crisp. (yeah, it happened a time or two). I can almost taste that ambrosia, just thinking about it. I don't even care for pancakes, but damn! that syrup is SO good! (and I don't even wear a dew-rag)

  2. The maple syrup I remember always came in a metal log cabin.

  3. There seems to be a long tradition that when you gloat over good fortune, you automatically are doomed:))

  4. Ready to ship you an emergency supply of snow shovels if you need them... :cD

  5. Well we not far from you, no snow here and we are in the snow belt, but darn its cold, like brrr........
    Real maple syrup, we gte gallons every year from the local Mennonites here and it is soooo good, yep the real stuff, nothin' like it.

  6. That'll teach you to say something you just know you shouldn't. We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast. No real maple syrup but they were still awfully good.

  7. Love your sense of humour! I know exactly what you mean about letting words fall out before it's too late......and they jinx you. Yes, we do learn over time to curtail the vibes of "I haven't broken any bones in all of my xxx years!" Yah, know all about that. aka broken nose last summer. Say, there's a post I haven't written yet! Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how many times we've touched wood. :D We also have the white stuff in London........March can't come soon enough! :)

  8. Oh! and about the maple syrup?? After all the years of trying to live 'cheap'........and buying that Aunt Jemima attempt at m.s., I will buy nothing else but the real thing.

  9. I have used on imitation maple syrup on my pancakes for so long the real stuff doesn't taste right to me.


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