Saturday, January 3, 2015

It was bound to happen.

Our guests all flew the coop in good time this morning,  and that was a good thing.  The report back was that,  the nasty weather was avoided,  with the exception of the last half hour or so just outside of Ottawa.   Well,  really it’s Osgoode,  but let’s not split hairs.

The “nasty weather” I’m referring to is this cold wet snotty business that’s presently falling out of the sky.  I’d like to call it snow,  but it’s just warm enough to fall in big gobs.  Kind of like someone hanging a Loogie off the roof,  over and over again. 

Only cold.

That’s kinda gross, but at least that way you get my true meaning.


I decided I’d best get out there and clear off the slop,  before it decides to freeze again,  and make it worse.  Winter is such fun,  innit?

Not really.

We (well,  some of us) were reminiscing as to just exactly where we were at this precise time last year. 


I don’t want to talk about it.  It involved flying and airports after all.  Although the result was well worth it.  There’s a good chance we’ll get back to Maui again some day.  Probably not before T.C. gets her other knee fixed though. 

Speaking of which,  she’s doing quite well.  I mean,  the Christmas season seems to be fraught with an increase in activity that one normally should avoid when convalescing from surgery,  so that did mean that it would “get tight” more often than maybe it should have,  and she’d have to elevate the knee and apply ice.   She’s at the point now that she sometimes forgets where she’s left her cane.  In this house, I mean.  

Like that.


I’m only going to show one other picture I took within the last few days that will more or less sum up the activities.



Which is probably why we were each quite happy to mostly forego anything remotely akin to “dinner” this evening. 

Put it this way,  I received a really nice pair of jeans for Christmas,  and I’m very much tempted to take them back for something slightly bigger.  Chances of me getting skinnier in the very near future are pretty slim.

Erp, does that count as a pun?  Not sure.


With that I’ll bid you all a fine weekend.  Short but sweet.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Your driveway looked like a slick of ice so I had to enlarge the photo to see if it was "wet" or frozen. Either way, that photo is exactly why we don't live in Ohio these days. Now, on the other hand... that table would be my own if we lived there and I cooked for all the family as I used to. I miss those days... not that I'm any slimmer for it.....

  2. Looks kind'a sweet. Now wonder for the desire of changing the size of the wear. That's the way it is: too many festivities in a row. On the other hand. One needs the stuff to survive the cold winter weather. Bears would not survive without feasting all fall long. Now it's "den-time" :D

  3. All this snow and ice talk makes me very glad I moved way south:)

  4. Brr you making miss that cold weather so much think I will just back home and enjoy some.

  5. Love all those sweets for dinner! Belated wishes for a wonderful 2015!


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