Thursday, January 30, 2014

We’re having a heat wave!

Ok,  maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration,  but at least we’re coming out of our deep freeze that we’ve had for the last several days.  Weeks?

If I can actually step outside in my shirt sleeves to fetch the mail and not immediately congeal,  then that’s a good thing.

Turns out we sent our cold temperatures to Atlanta.  Ha!  Poor bastards.  Didn’t know what hit ‘em.

I know,  it’s not polite to mock them,  and they’ll be playing the “blame game” for a little while,  (“But the Weather Network didn’t tell us!”)  However, you’ll notice from all the news reports that it was mostly cars that were affected by the adverse conditions?   Oh,  and no sooner did I have that thought and did a little search,  but lo and behold,  I found just the thing on CNN.  I *mostly* agree with it.

Well,  who’d a figured?

Funny thing about streetcars and commuter trains,  as long as there are no cars sitting on the tracks, they seem to be able to manage most adverse conditions.  Even a bit of ice.  Wow,  what a concept!

But that’s OK,  you just go right ahead there and don’t worry about such trivialities as being able to get around in adverse conditions.   Fuel is still cheap,  and there’s plenty of it!    (insert *sarcastic font*)  Don’t want to pay those taxes!   Sooner freeze to death in my car.  Yup.


But that’s not what we’re all about here.   We’re all about talking about the mundane.   The daily sh*t.   The stuff that puts you to sleep.

Like pulling my wire.   No no,  wait.   I’m talking about that extra circuit in the garage,  remember?


I finally got that sorted out on Monday,  and now it’s tied in to the subfeed.   Man oh man,  that was a drag.  Just getting the fish tape to leap over the little bumps in the sheetrock was somewhat frustrating,  which was why I had to drill a few little “inspection” holes in the ceiling.  Plus of course,  even though the garage is heated,  there is still insulation in there to contend with.  Such fun!

I just patched up all the holes this morning.





Because I was using a hole saw,  I simply kept the little round pieces that I had extracted.   And since it’s “scratch coat” plaster,  I needn’t be too fussy.

Wasn’t that fun?


Speaking of which,  a bunch of us had purchased tickets to go and see Blackie and the Rodeo Kings,  and last night was the night they were in town here.   And yes it was still cold out,  but it was only a block from the restaurant where we met for a meal to the venue.   In spite of any preference to be “fashionable” when attending these sorts of events,  I wore my tuque.   We weren’t going to the Vienna State Opera,  let’s just say?

I won’t go on too much about the concert,  except to say these guys have got their sh*t together.   Whenever you have musicians who are all in the 50s,  and have been playing since they could stand upright,  you pretty well know that you’ll be entertained.   If you go to their site and start reading some of the bios,  I think you’ll put it together.


I don’t think I have a whole lot more to say.  I’ll leave you with this picture from Monday morning.   Thankfully it doesn’t look like that now.  


Saturday it’s supposed to warm up to…..freezing!  

OK fine,  that sounded better in my head.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  or at least where I can see them.

See,  that didn’t hurt a bit.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Replies
    1. Hell, I was starting to miss Hawaii the moment we got on the plane!

  2. Enjoy that heat wave maybe it will stay with you for a while. Like 6 weeks would be good.

  3. Rub it in, why don't you. Maybe some of that rub will generate a little heat down here in the frozen South (please!)?

  4. I'd rather been patching dry wall than breaking up ice...sunshine at last! Hopeful southern air starts blowing your way!

  5. I would happy to find you a place to stay on the beach here on Stone Island.

  6. That's clever... to save the hole and then replace it. Good thinking!


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