Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to mostly normal.

Whatever that means.

Forgot to mention,  it seems we missed “No Pants” day!  Oh no! 
I’m not so sure that one is going to catch on though,  since most of the participants seemed to be in places where wearing pants,  (or “trousers”) if you’re in the UK, needed to be worn for warmth,  rather than as a fashion statement.  “Pants” in the UK refers to your “Underpants”.  

Just thought you should know that. 

And if someone offers you a “Fag”,  you won’t get arrested.



Dinner didn’t look too shabby last night,  so I took a picture.  I had the car for whatever reason which meant a quick stop at Denninger's,  and of course couldn’t resist the steaks sitting there behind the glass.  Such a sucker for choice meat.  They were mighty good too.   Pretty pricey,  but cheaper than dining out.  That’s the best I can come up with.

Oh, the funny looking orange stuff there is sweet potato,  cooked the only way I like it.  Sliced, drizzled with olive oil and maybe some basil,  and roasted on a pan in the oven.


Then,  just to add to the gluttony,  we thought we’d delve into a little gift that was brought to us all the way from Vienna,  when our visitor came to Canada before Christmas.




Admittedly,  this Sachertorte was getting a little “well aged”,  but it was fine.   It’s so rich that you can only eat one piece anyway,  but we may take another stab at it again tonight.   I think there’s a pun in there somewhere.  (note the knife)

OK,  I shouldn’t have to point out the puns.  Keep up.


Since there’s not a heck of a lot going on here at the Ponderosa,  I’ll throw in some pictures of the Luau.



These three were the musical accompaniment.  They were actually pretty good.  You just have to play in tune, and not suck.


The first part of the show was a little “campy”, as the “MC” (if that’s what you call him)  was there to warm up the crowd.  I guess.  Who knows? 

Anyway,  he picked some Dude from the audience to participate.  (Um, the White Dude?) 

Of course,  he was a salesman from the mainland.  Complete dork.


There were various costume changes and different dances representing all the Polynesian Islands.




The request was to not use flash during the fire dance portion of the program,  so I had a few duds. 

The solo Dude was actually pretty damned awesome.


I only managed to get a selfie of him and I.

And of course,  one more of one of the cute little dancers.


Cripes.  Maybe I should have just photo-shopped a big “smiley face” over my mug.   The guy up on the stage wasn’t the only dork it seems.


I think my chicken burgers are ‘bout done,  so that’s it for today.


Thanks for lookin’.


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