Monday, January 13, 2014

The giant yellow orb.

It’s been so gloomy since we came back from Maui, that when the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon,  I wasn’t really sure what to do.  I vaguely recalled that it was something *nice*,  and it did help melt the rest of the ice off the driveway.

Which, by the way, was pretty damned nasty.  The word is,  it rained and then froze when we were away.  So getting *up* the driveway with luggage was a challenge when we arrived home Tuesday night.

Matter of fact,  I just got back home from spreading a bag of sand on my sister-in-law’s driveway just now.  She has a good two inches of ice.  Digging, chipping, whatever was out of the question.  The sand was surprisingly effective. 


Gratuitous photo of one of the pools where we stayed.

I’m not going to do one of those “Day One, Day Two” ordeals,  but instead I’ll try and throw in some snippets along the way.

Speaking of getting home.  We were lucky.  Completely naive as to how bad it was in Toronto,  which meant that we still didn’t really realise how lucky we were until we were watching the news on Wednesday morning.  So that’s why there was all that extra luggage hanging around!

I mean,  Toronto pretty much sucks when it comes to actually getting you *out* of the airport,  since no matter how far you have to hoof it back from your gate to customs,  your luggage is never out on the carousel.   You still have to wait.  And wait.

Turns out,  they never did put our flight up on the reader board,  but I had overheard someone say our luggage was coming in on carousel number seven,  (there are 13 in total) so that’s where we waited.   AND, we only had to sit on the plane for maybe 20 minutes to a half hour waiting for them to get us to a gate.   That’s when it starts to stink of jet fuel in the plane,  but that was the only time I was  feeling kind of poorly.

I find it’s best not to obsess over how bad it is when you’re returning home from somewhere warm.  It just puts a dark cloud over the whole experience.

We knew it was cold,  and that’s all we needed to know.



Daughter Number Two and Travelling Companion sitting outside House Number Two.  


I should explain that we rented two houses for the 10 days that we were in Kihei.   Looks kind of crowded on the map,  but it was fine.  Within walking distance of Foodland,  as well as a host of restaurants and of course,  the beach. 


Directly north of Kihei is Lahaina, which is up there on the coast.


Maui isn’t a very big island,  so we just about made it around the entire place.  Did the “Road to Hana”,  went up to the Volcano.  Took in a Luau.   All fun stuff. 


Daughter Number Two and I at the Luau.

Just a comment about the shirt I’m wearing.  No,  I did not buy it on the island.  I’ve had it a for a few years now,  but I typically only wear it south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Just thought I’d point that out.

It doesn’t really *work* for around here,  unless of course I need to be picked out of a crowd.


I took a number of “selfies”,  even though I was hefting the Nikon.  Having these minor challenges is sometimes fun.



One of the cute little dancers.  I’m sure she was thrilled.




Well, la-de-da.


I’ll yak a little more about Maui over the next few days.  I could have been doing that over the *last* few days,  but my motivation was lacking. 


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I can see how returning to Toronto from Maui could be a shock to the system. Love your Maui pictures. My sister lived in Lahaina Town for 18 years and we always enjoyed visiting...and the luaus! Looks like you found some nice houses to rent.

  2. Enjoy your photos and a pictures of that Hawaiian shirt! Looks like you had a good time. Hope to see pictures of the luau.

  3. Looks like a fabulous time in HI. And to think, you've come back to all that ice to keep your sticks on!

    Maybe wearing that colorful shirt will be enough to melt all that ice, just sayin'... ;c)

  4. Having to deal with that weather after HI would certainly depress me:(

  5. No one ever wants to come home from Hawaii. We travelled to Maui annually for the first 12 years of our life together, before we got the RV which happened because we got dogs whom we couldn't take with us. We loved Kihei where we would stay on Kamaole Beach 1 in a waterfront condo for 3 weeks per year. we loved it then but much prefer the Isla for 5 months per year. Maui is a great island with lots to do if you want or just walk and sit on the great beaches. Glad you had a good time.

  6. Loved the selfies and your colourful shirt! Returning from Hawaii after a great holiday is always a drag but it would be especially draggy getting back to snow and ice in one's driveway. Pack that shirt away someplace safe for your next exotic holiday!

  7. Wearing that fruit salad shirt back home is like me wearing my big brown cowboy hat. Some things we just gotta put away till we can get up & go again..............

  8. The only reason I ever want to come home is because I miss my 'kids'!


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