Friday, January 24, 2014

So I made a little discovery.

And not the, “Oh look,  I found twenty bucks in my pocket” kind either.

The other day when I was running my fancy schmancy (did I spell that right?) dust collector and thickness planer at the same time,  I discovered that they don’t like to play together for very long.  Something to do with amperage.  


When both machines quit on me,  I simply plugged the dust collector into a house circuit at the garage door,  but that’s not really a solution.  Back in the day when the wiring was done in this house (the 50s)  there was no rule about separating a “light” circuit from receptacles.  And what that means is,  if you trip a breaker,  you may very well find yourself standing there in the dark.  Over the years I’ve tried to separate out as many of those as I could,  but there’s still a few of them lurking in the walls.  And that’s simply because I wasn’t willing to rip the whole house apart to resolve every last wiring issue. 

All power for “The Shop” runs through a sub feed that can be shut off and locked out.  I’m funny that way.


Note the disconnect and lock.



Back when I was contemplating the whole shop arrangement,  I guess I had visions of someone coming in and cutting off all their appendages on the table saw.  Or something.  Either way,  once I flip that switch,  I *know* I haven’t left anything on.


There’s gobs of room for additional breakers in there,  but I see there’s also room on a breaker that’s already installed.   I think I like that option.


That’ll do.


I brought the wire in from where it’s stored in the shed to let it warm up a bit,  otherwise I’d have a bit of a struggle on my hands.

Goes without saying (so I won’t say it) that it’s still a wee bit chilly out there,  and in spite of being able to see that we were having just an amazing sunrise down at the lake,  there was no flippin’ way I was going to hoof it down there for a photo op.   Sorry.

Just pretend.

Stick your fingers in your eyes and make starlight.  That’ll have to do.


I have a few more words in me,  but I think I had better get my butt out there and start hackin’ and hewin’.


Enjoy your weekend if I don’t check in.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Careful with that wiring, you don't want to warm up too quickly!

  2. Had the same problem with the sticks and bricks garage everything on one circuit. I also added a sub-feed to fix that problem.
    Our old trailer had three plugs in the kitchen area no problem. This trailer has a single unsplit plug so you cant run the toaster and coffee pot at the same time. That's going to change.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Maybe while you're at it, you might want to put an extra circuit in to get some more in the shop. That way you can unfreeze your sticks from the ice Just saying... ;c)

  4. I understand finding $20 in my pocket a lot better than I understand wiring....

  5. I am definitely not skilled in running wire and changing circuits. My handy work would likely have me waking up and O dark thirty smelling smoke:(


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