Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It just never stops.

You may recall that there were some “issues” with my old reliable laptop computing device from a few weeks back?  I mean, I wasn’t about to schlep the thing to Maui,  so not having it then wasn’t that much of a hardship.  I forced my way onto Travelling Companion’s Ipad (also referred to by me as “The Fruit”)  and was able to check emails and stuff.   So that was all I needed.

I’m now back in business,  so to speak,  but that’s only thanks to the patience of my son-in-law.   There were a couple things at play.  

First of all,  I had way too much “stuff” on here  Most of it useful.  Some of it not.   Secondly,  the OS that I’m currently using is doomed,  as XP will no longer be supported after April.  So fine.   I’m still looking for a new gizmo.

Meanwhile however,  when we picked up the latest instalment of Kaspersky, it absolutely refused to play nice with my computer.  It just basically went into a coma.   We’re reasonably sure that,  if I were running Windows 8,  there would have been no issues.   It’s only a guess, but I think a pretty good one.

I suppose I could put the question out to some “forum” or other,  but I have very little desire.

So we got around that little conundrum.

By “we”,  I don’t mean “me” at all,  but you probably know that.

Anyhoodle, as happens from time to time,  programs need to get updated,  and now I see that Adobe is trying to update to an external drive that I only hook up from time to time.   Hm.  

So fine,  I uninstalled that sucker.  (that was the answer I got from “on the line”.)  But when I went to reinstall it,  it *still* wants to connect with “G” drive.  Gah!

I will figure it out.   Eventually.   It’s not too often that I need one of those “pretty damned frustrating” files,  so it’s not a high priority.   Isn’t that what PDF stands for?   That would make sense at least.



Meanwhile,  I discovered that there was an annoying little extension on Chrome that was highlighting certain words and allowing ads to pop up.  Are you kidding me?  

Or more annoyingly,  “You’ve been selected for a survey.”

I can’t put in print what comes out of my mouth when I get that one.  

First I thought it was some “malware”,  (which it is,  really) but I couldn’t find the damned program.  And I know where to look,  too.   Hey, at least I’ve learned a couple things.

So,  back out we go “on the line” and I discover that there have been some issues with extensions that Google has had to punt out.  Really!

But this was from a while ago.

Even though this article doesn’t directly speak to the issue,  it gave me enough of a hint to allow me to find the little bugger.  So are they still having some issues?   Why am I the guinea pig?  At least now I know where to look.   Can’t fool me no more.


Meanwhile,  back here in the real world,  Travelling Companion tried on a pair of her (many pairs of) shoes yesterday morning and discovered there was a wee bit of a problem.   Seems that part of the heel had become delaminated.  Her slacks weren’t long enough to cover up the minor deficiency either,  so they went back into the closet.   Maybe it’s time to find a shoe repair place?

Well, lo and behold, we do still have them.



Note that it doesn’t even say, “Joe’s Shoe Repair.”   Just “Joe”.  I didn’t notice that until just now.

Well,  it turns out the “Joe”,  and Mrs. “Joe” are Korean.

Say what? 

Maybe that explains the slight grammar issue?   Who knows?   The shoes will be ready next Wednesday.  Forty bucks for the repair along with new heels.    Considering they are "Easy Spirit", I suppose they were worth fixing.  Well,  I think hearing T.C. say,  “But I really like these shoes.” is probably reason enough.  Sucks when you have to give up a pair of comfy shoes.  Just one of those little things that become important as the years roll by.


I have nothing else to bore you with at the moment.


Sticks.  Ice.  You know.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I don't know a thing about computers... just hope everything comes us like it's supposed to when I turn it on. Typical scenario.... something comes up on my screen, telling me to update... Bill is across the room on his own computer... Hey Bill... should I update .....? The answer is usually... yeah, you might as well, it will nag at you until you do. So much for my computer knowledge. NOW... I do know about repairing shoes... for some dumb reason I brought only 1 pair of sandals with me. My trusty Tevas that I've worn for years. Unfortunately they are deteriorating quickly with all this salty sea water... Bill bought some kind of glue at the local ferreteria, and now they are ugly as hell, but hopefully will last a couple more months..... he "complained" because the glue cost $5...... he'd really had something to complain about if it cost $40!!!!!

  2. I find getting a new computer is a lot like breaking in a new pair of shoes, or even a new wallet...damn they are hard to sit on for a week.

  3. Good luck with the computer issues.
    I love my Mac Book pro *the Fruit" as you would say.

  4. The "stuff" sure builds up on you, usually programs sneak other programs and you never notice until the computer slows down or stops. I usually run Ccleaner, MalwareBytes and a Registry Cleaner once in a while. It seems to help keep it cleaner. You can dump that bug ridden Adobe PDF program and install FoxIt Reader. It seems to be better, if not quite as pretty looking.

  5. Makes you want to remove your sticks from the ice and implant them on your computer...

    Then you can take your laptop to Joe Computer Repair. ;c)


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