Thursday, October 25, 2012

What to take?

This is one of the reason why I’m just as happy to travel by car if at all possible.  Think you might need a pair of boots?  Throw them in the trunk.  Packing a lunch?  No problem.

Just the same,  and in spite of taking the car being ever so slightly cheaper for reasons I choose not to explain here,  we’re still taking the train.  I suppose I should admit as well that parking in Salzburg truly sucks.  That’s also a minor consideration.

A preview.



Travelling Companion pitched the idea that we will only need one suitcase.  We’ll see how that goes.  

It’s a fabulous fall day here in Wienerland.   Really.  It’s mid afternoon,  I just came back from a little jaunt only wearing a light jacket and I was completely comfortable.  No idea what the actual temperature is,  that’s why I have that “weather widget”  thingy over there on the right side.

The only reason that I mention the weather is,  it’s supposed to get cold.  Possibly down to the freezing mark in Salzburg.  Snow above 300 metres elevation.   Well now,  ain’t that just fine and dandy.


One thing I’m NOT taking with me to Salzburg,  is the extra hair I had hanging out over my ears.  I’m not sure why it decides to grow right there,  and not many places else on my head?  I’m sure I could do a fine job of trimming it up myself,  but the glasses tend to get in the way.


The hair lady wasn’t quite ready for me when I went in, but that’s no big deal.  She’s by herself these days,  since her last helper had a bit of a breakdown. 

And I’m not talking about the “Foggy Mountain”  kind either.


Apparently I’m only one or two crazy thoughts away from some sort of mental health issues myself,  judging by how I could possibly jump from “mental breakdown” to “Foggy Mountain” in one tiny leap.

Was I saying something?


Anyway,  she finished up with the lady who was ahead of me (lots of hairspray.  Gah!)  and I discovered that she does get a few clients who only speak English,  so she gets more practise than just having to try and communicate with Travelling Companion.  She and I tend to stick to German though, since I sense that speaking English is a bit of a challenge for her.  I don’t mind.  Once in a while I might be missing a word here or there,  but I can usually figure out a way around such trivialities.

So as I’m putting my coat on to leave,  we talk about weekend plans,  and she tells me she’s going to Nice.  That’s pronounced the same way you would call the daughter of one of your siblings.  That is to say,  “niece”.  It’s usually nice in Nice.   But I see the forecast calls for rain later on the weekend.   But like,  22°C with rain.  Better than snow.


Then,  as I’m coming in the front door,  I briefly stop to chat with one of our neighbours from the other side of the building,  and he and his wife are going to Amsterdam for the weekend.   Variable clouds and 9°C for Saturday. 

But no snow.

Maybe it’ll be “magical” with snow in Salzburg!  Oh goodie.


Somehow I lost that lovin’ feeling towards snow right around the time when it became necessary to shovel it.  That was a long time ago. 


And so the mind once again wanders.



Not sure when we’ll be heading out tomorrow.  I’m also not too sure if I’ll be taking this computer,  but I’ll quite likely take the SLR.  I’m sure there’ll be pictures.


Have a fine weekend. 

Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for lookin’ in.




  1. It is amazing how the mind wanders isn't it? And I thought it was just me. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Not just the ears but the nose also. So aggravating. No snow, no snow, no snow. Hope that helps.

  3. I now can grow hair everywhere it is not suppose to be:)

  4. Wearing "only a light jacket"? Were you the neighborhood flasher? If I were you, I'd check that one dinky suitcase and see what TC has in there for you. ;-)

  5. ahh, old songs bringing back looking forward to your stories and photos of Salzburg. I really do enjoy your blog, Bob.

  6. One suitcase for two!!! Not possible.


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