Friday, October 19, 2012

Just my luck.

Just happened to wander off into some of the more remote areas of the internet last night….

Here’s one for you to chew on.


4:12 p.m. EDT, March 31, 2010

(Hey,  I didn’t say the story was recent!)

BROOKLYN -- Two female teachers from James Madison High School in Brooklyn are being charged with misconduct after allegedly being caught naked together in a classroom.   (teehee)
French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, and Spanish teacher, Alini Brito, 30, were discovered by a school janitor who caught the "undressed" instructors allegedly sharing a kiss in the empty classroom at James Madison High School during a Nov. 20 assembly.


Wait.  “Janitor”?  What the hell?

OK,  the rest is just a bunch of bla-bla,  but I stuck it in here anyway,  you can skip down to the end and not miss a thing…

Officials say the women, both tenured teachers, were immediately removed from the classroom following the incident and sent to Department of Education disciplinary chambers.    (??)
When the incident occurred, a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Education confirmed the teachers were reassigned, but fell short of releasing details of the alleged tryst.
"The school is investigating an incident of employee misconduct while the school was having an event in the assembly," school officials said in a statement.
"The two teachers, who are tenured, have been reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation."
DOE officials say the allegations have been proven to be valid and teachers will likely face disciplinary action.




Oh,  and I’m not talking about what these two were up to.  *pfft* Who cares?   No no,   I’m referring to the fact that I worked as a Caretaker (OK,  “Janitor” if that works for you)  for 22 years,  and never ONCE did I walk in on two nekked female teachers!  Dammit!   I used to *hear* about some *things*,  but it was never at MY school.  I guess I just didn’t pick a racy enough school.  Is there such a thing?


And you’ll have to take my word for it,  these two weren’t bad looking either.  Of course,  all the female teachers I know are absolute foxes.   I mean,  stunners,  the whole lot.  (thought I’d better put that in there,  since I’m pretty sure a hand full of them just might read this…I ain’t no fool.)




Oh and,  note what they were teachers of?  Languages.  Hello?  Starting to put it together why I studied French, German,  a year of Spanish,  and then a dash of Russian?   OK fine,  the Russian teacher was a guy,  but still.   There was that,  and a rather overwhelmingly delightful high ratio of female students vrs. little ole me.  I mean,  there might have been one or two other guys in a class full of females,  but they were usually total dorks.

Ah yes,  studyin’ “languages”.  (wink wink)    Yessiree.

If they had only had Co-Ed gym,  I’m sure I would have excelled.  “Yes dammit,  I can do 50 chin-ups!”

What’s wrong with these administrators?


Just one other thing.  On the one hand I’ve been trying to sift through some of the detritus to try and get a little more information on this whole nekked teacher story,  and it would appear that at least one of these wayward individual has by now got the sack.  I’m not sure how I feel about that,  since I’m pretty sure that the “Janitor” can’t be trusted. 

Believe me when I tell you this,  there was a “code”, or at least there was amongst the folks where I worked,  that what you saw, never left the building (or more often the room).  Kind of like that Vegas thing. It was much more advantageous to have a piece of information or to know of an “event”,  than to ever get all self righteous and start blabbing it all over the media.  Just saying.    Either way,  the guy’s an idiot.  Whatever they were doing,  just keep it under wraps.  Never hurts to know *stuff*.   So what,  you had to “tell on them”?   Are you a child?


Oh,  and one more thing.  That whole “schmoopiness” in public?  I’m not keen.  I don’t really care about your proclivities,  but keep yer freakin’ hands, lips or any other part of you, to yourself.  “Hand holding”,  meh.  Maybe.  But other than that,  get a room!


Well,  thank you for letting me go off on that little tangent.  I find I need to do that once in a while. 



Yesterday’s five o’clock program was a bit of a bust (wait,  is that some sort of nekked teacher pun?  Yet another missed opportunity.)  as we didn’t really get home until right around eight o’clock.

You know that expression,  “not the brightest bulb in the pack”?  Somehow I think there’s someone out there who’s not even lit up,  let alone not that bright.  

Throughout the entire trip home,  Travelling Companion was fussing over her Crackberry,  and then trying to place calls to a couple very smart fellers,  and then no sooner had we come in the door,  when she realised she’d have to go back and sort something out first hand.  Of course,  that meant Muggins here was in for the long haul.  So back we went. 

Funny thing was,  I wasn’t really terribly hungry until we were on the way home again,  so it wasn’t that much of a hardship in the tummy department.  That’s one of the more important departments too,  I might add.

The five o’clock program should work,  even though it’s still kinda nuts out there at that time of the day,  and the trip home does take considerably longer.   It’s just that,  if one of the minions buggers something up,  and one of the other minions who is supposed to sort it out bolts out the door,  never to be found again for the rest of the day,  that can sort of put a ‘crimp on things’.  

I think that’s the expression.  I’d just as soon use the “Caretaking Vernacular” and say “F**k things up”,  but there might be teachers reading.  Or others whose sensibilities shouldn’t be trifled with.


Travelling Companion is considerably more patient than I,  since I’m sure I would have been like Mr. Dithers ramming my foot up the arse of one of these Dagwoods.



But then again that,  in a nutshell is the reason why she is the executive,  and I’m well….not.


…and I still never managed to walk in on two nekked teachers!  Dammit.  I’m going to try and get over it,  but it won’t be easy.

It’s like… coming to the end,  and realising you’ve got nothing to show for all your troubles.   Sad, really.



It’s a fairly normal Friday here in Wienerland.  The weather has been holding up.  I’ve done my usual chores.  Bla bla bla.



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Dam* you always come up with the wildest stuff to entertain us with...! I'm with you, use those incident knowledge points to your advantage.... don't just go rat on them.. Students weren't involved...

    Oh, its been years since I saw Dithers kick Dagwood's arse...... I'm not sure too many folks under 50 even know who Dagwood was...........

  2. Paul and I are both retired high school teachers. WHY OH WHY would any one with any brains get naked in a classroom. There were people in our school at all hours of the day and night. Down right stupid!

    Our custodians were awesome, wonderful people. I was told during my student teaching to be sure to make friends with the custodians. They know everything, can do anything and are essential for the smooth working of our school. I knew them all and loved everyone of them. Thanks for doing such an important job!!!

    Thanks for the comment on our latest blog. I don't have your email so I couldn't email you the answer to your question about the worst campground. Let me briefly explain...We spent a week at this campground several years ago. The price was great, the sites were huge, and the people were friendly. This time the Internet prices was outdated, they moved us three times in two weeks (This was the most annoying problem. They said that people coming in ask specifically for our spot. WHAT? Weren't we here first? The last time is wasn't pretty!), the people were not near as friendly or helpful, and they cut the sites in half and everyone is on top of each other. Here is a link to a photo that will show how close we were...
    Thanks for the comment

  3. Language teachers, eh? They must have been some cunning linguists.

    Someone was going to say it, okay?

    1. It popped into my head, but I wasn't going to do it. Didn't want to infer anything about the details of their activities.

  4. Maybe if you would have worn padded sneakers, you would have gotten to see more interesting stuff:))

  5. I just guess all about being in the right place at the right time or whatever. Still and interesting story, maybe you should go back to work?

  6. Wheewww, just got all caught up on your posts and tada!!! What a great last entry. Don't feel bad on having 'missed out' with a big discovery Mr. Caretaker. You are living in your own mystery with TC which when revealed will get you much much attention. I hope.


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