Monday, October 15, 2012

As the seasons change.


We enjoyed our meal at the little pizza joint a few blocks away on Saturday night.  Thought I’d mention that,  since enquiring minds surely want to know.

The only complaint I could ever have is, and this applies to any and all pizzas that get served around here,  they don’t cut it!  I swear I’m going to bring along my own pizza cutter one of these times.  A person gets a little weary of sawing away at a pizza after a while.  I’m just saying.

Anyhoodle,  when Travelling Companion and I came back from taking her associate back to her hotel,  we couldn’t help but notice that there were two or three work type vans in the underground parking,  which is certainly never the situation on a Saturday night.  Well, they were switching out the contents of the ice cream parlour,  and by Sunday morning,  a new troop were in there setting up some sort of a clothing store.  This is nothing new. It happens every year,  but it usually happens without us noticing it,  until a couple days have passed,  and we realise something has changed.



So that’s it for the ice cream.   Not that I ever have any.  I sometimes have “issues” with ice cream.  It could be just the temperature,  but if I eat it on its own,  I’ll quite often have some….discomfort.  


Has anyone been following the goings on in New Mexico? 

It’s a bit of a big deal here in Wienerland.  There have been several blurbs in the local rag.

I missed the one where they had to postpone.  They made a big deal out of that too.  Anything that’s a “big deal”, tends to interest readers.

For those of you who like to exercise your German reading skills,  I’ve set these to their original size.  Be warned.

This was from a few days back.



This morning there was a two page spread.




I was able to watch the live (well nearly live,  there was a twenty second delay,  in case something went horribly wrong) internet feed,  although I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing.   It took the guy over two hours to ascend to the height at which the balloon would no longer climb, and I had things to attend to,  like bathroom breaks and eating my dinner.   Not at the same time.  Just so you know.

I’ll say this though.  He really did accelerate when he jumped off that platform!   No air (or damned little) meant he really got up to speed in a hurry.  I wasn’t able to figure it out at the time,  but he did indeed break the sound barrier. 

I’m pretty sure I could have watched without the old guy who was talking to him the whole time though.  Now don’t get all cranky on me,  I’m talking about old Joe,  who did the jump back in 1960.  I have the greatest of respect for the guy.   The thing is though,  he’s in his eighties.  He was just annoying.  I’m sure I’ll be that annoying when I’m in my eighties, (or quite possibly already am) but I would think that I could keep said annoyance limited to those who are near and dear to me.  Total strangers can be spared.  I’ll quite likely be especially annoying to my children.  They deserve no less.

Oh,  and then there was the announcer.  Not sure where they dug him up.  There are times when silence can be truly golden.


If I’m talking about guys jumping into thin air, you’ve quite likely fathomed by now that there is nothing all that spectacular coming up in the way of events here on the home front.

I’ll have to head out before 2:00 p.m. sometime to fetch Travelling Companion from her office at three.  She flies out tonight for Switzerland to do the dog and pony show for the “grands fromages”.    The thing is,  they’re up at seven.   And no,  I don’t mean,  getting out of bed at seven.   I mean,  they’re doing their presentation at seven.  What kind of cruel twisted world???


She worked all day yesterday making sure everything was just tickety-boo,  and then she and the local “grand fromage”  are going over the whole thing at this very moment.



Oh,  and for any of you half baked critics of my French (and I’ll admit it’s not the best)  you can read a handy little article here that points out the times when it is indeed appropriate to put the adjective in front of the noun. 

Normally,  all grammar mistakes are intentional,  but only in English.


So it’s off to the airport again.   Fun fun.


Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for lookin’ in.




  1. Just jumping into thin air is amazing I guess, for him, not me. I have trouble standing on the roof of our coach, just too far off the ground.

  2. There's that "tickety-boo" comment again--our Vancouver Island friends use that word--just exactly what does it mean???

  3. If you want some decent pizza. Hop on the U6 and head up to the Volksoper... there is this little place behind the oper called Pizzeria Luna Rossa, Währingerstrasse 74, they are from Naples not Egypt. Sometimes that makes a difference. Try the sausage topping (Salsiccia) it is real Italian sausage not sliced extrawurst.


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