Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not the Saturday I planned.

And it’s not like I had any plans,  per se.  I suppose it’s really no surprise that Travelling Companion had to work today.   She almost has her financial ducks in a row for her rendition of the Profit Plan that she has to present on Tuesday in Switzerland.   The Company that Cannot Be Named has an Ivory Tower there.  It’s not one of the really big ones,  such as they have back in the homeland,  but it’s the “go to” place for these sorts of things on the Europe end of things.



I suppose it could be worse.   I could be this guy:



The good news is,  it’s not overly warm out,  so at least he or she isn’t sweltering inside that costume.   I do sometimes feel somewhat empathetic for anyone who has to take on that kind of job in hot weather.  I probably would have to avert my eyes a lot in a place like Disneyland.   It’s hot there most of the time,  isn’t it?

I’m not even so sure having little kids run up and hug you is a good or bad thing.  As long as they don’t smash into you in the nether regions,  I suppose it would be OK.

I guess I lived a slightly sheltered life as a young person with part time jobs,  although I do definitely recall working Saturdays for a lumber yard in town, (yes, everyone seems to have a website!) and we would just dread having to go out into the yard for the first time on a cold wintry morning to try and pry off a couple dozen two by fours from the pile.   Man,  that was fun!    I never could seem to get warm.   If my hands weren’t freezing,  my feet were freezing.  Or both. 

Oh ya,  good times.   Every Saturday man.  Every Saturday,  rain or shine.

So fine,  maybe I did have a couple crappy jobs earlier on,  but I may very well have drawn the line at putting on a goofy suit. Well, it could be a  “Goofy suit”,  if it were Disney related.

Suddenly this possible conversation pops into my head:

“You putting on the goofy suit?”

“No,  I thought I’d be Mickey today.”




OK,  time to stop.  

My “job” for today,  other than having to drive back out of town with the car to pick up Travelling Companion (yes I was a good lad and offered to drive her to work)   was to find a half decent restaurant for this evening.   Mind you,  for most places where you need a reservation,  you won’t get one for that night.  Hm.

We didn’t want fancy or too expensive,  as we are really only eating out as some sort of act of solidarity,  since one of T.C.’s fledgling associates is staying in town to help out with all the financial bla-bla.   It sucks to be hanging around by oneself,  so we’ll go to dinner.

There’s a pizza joint a couple blocks from here that we went to a couple years ago that Daughter Number Two and her hubby found,  and they had good eats.   We’ll go there.

I already took a stroll by there this morning to check out the menu and have a little chat with one of the fellows who was just opening up.  This place is that much under the tourist radar that it doesn’t even show up on  Tripadvisor, although thankfully someone has added it to Google Maps  My impression is that mostly locals chow down there during the week,  since the fellow I spoke to didn’t seem to think I needed reservations for tonight.  OK then.

We’ll see how that goes.


Hopefully your weekend turns out as you had planned.


Keep that stick on the ice,  and thanks for stopping ‘round.




  1. Gee, we're going to buy dog food today. See how exciting our Saturday is? And notice where goofy has all the padding on that costume.

  2. Love Saturday College football. We only spend a short time watching the afternoon games, but really enjoy the evening football.
    Nice day here in Ohio...must take advantage of it and get some outdoor work completed.

  3. That critter is "Manny" from the movie "Ice Age" and its sequels. (Gawd - you'd think i was 10 years old or something....)

  4. I watch chicken sign-spinners and think I could do that... I think I've had grown-up jobs all my life, and I'd like to have a teenage job now.

    1. OK, brain fog this morning. Took me a minute or two to figure out what the heck a "chicken sign spinner" was. There's a rather unseemly English definition of a "Chicken Spinner", so I was confused at first.
      Well, and I'll probably end up being confused "at last" as well. *sigh*

  5. IKEA!! She's a spy for IKEA!



    1. No Walmarts here. Sorry. Not furniture related. All may be revealed one day.

  6. From the picture, it looks as if you would meet a loot of cute ladies if you wore a suit like that:)


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