Monday, October 29, 2012

My bed will always be better.

I realise this is right up there in the “first world problem” department,  but no matter how comfortable hotel room beds claim to be,  there’s still nothing like sliding into your own bed after getting back home from a trip.  The big assed pillows don’t hurt one bit either. 

So,  what did we think of Salzburg?   Well,  pretty much what we’ve always thought of Salzburg,  since going this weekend was the third time we’ve been to Salzburg in just about as many years.  The first trip was with Nephew Boy back in May of 2011 I think it was,  and then we briefly stopped in on the way through to Spittal an der Drau back in August.   So,  if we’re willing to go back a third time?  I guess then it must have been OK.

There were a couple “hidden agendas”.  First of all,  ever since the new train service called “Westbahn” came into being a little over a year ago,  I’ve been intrigued with the idea of just jumping on a train and being in Salzburg in three hours.  The ‘kids’ took the train when we went there back in August and said it was just fine,  so that made it even more attractive.  The other thing too is,  you can buy your tickets on line,  or you can just get on the train and go.  They’ll come around and sell you your ticket when you’re underway.  Easy peasy.

The other hidden agenda was,  when our most recent visitors were here,  they had come through Salzburg,  and had stopped into a place where locally made fabric could be had.  This was the objective for Saturday,  and was the main reason why we chose to travel on the Friday,  so that we’d have most of the day on Saturday for shopping and general wandering about.   We would have had to leave way too early on the Saturday morning in order to hit the shops at a decent hour.  That wasn’t going to happen.


The view from our hotel room.




Looking across the Salzach river up to Mönchsberg.   Does it look a wee bit cold?  Well.  Friday afternoon wasn’t too terribly bad,  but when the temperature dropped on Saturday and the wind picked up and the rain started,  I was sure glad I wore my heavy winter coat.

I’m going to spare you all the dozens of photos that I took,  and simply put in a link to the ones I’ve uploaded to the book of face.

The first obstacle to over come however,  was to simply   walk to the hotel.  There was some doubt about the direction of travel,  and since Travelling Companion absolutely, positively does not wish to back track in any way shape or form,  there were a couple hints of mutiny along the way.   It was a good thing I could spot the sign for the hotel from Mirabel Platz,  or we might have ended up taking a cab for the final 200 metres.

For that matter,  I figured I’d have a mutiny on my hands before we had even left the train station.  Just walking to the entrance was a bit of a hike.


Ya,  just follow the crowd.  It’s down there somewhere.  Along with the rest of Salzburg,  and hopefully our hotel.


I think I’m going to post this now,  so I can make sure that ‘book of face’ link works.  They’ve changed something from the last time I was able to post a link to photos,  and that doesn’t always work for some of us more technically challenged dweebs.  

Oh,  and yes,  we only took the one small suitcase between us.    It can be done.  I’m not kidding.


For those of you on the east coast.  Stock up and batten down.  Hopefully you still even have internet over the next little while. 

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. We really try to avoid hotels as much as possible, but if we have to use one, we are so glad when we leave. Sounds like you need a navigation app for your smart phone:) You do have a smart phone right??

  2. The link worked great. Wonderful photos! I can't believe I saw snow in some of the photos. Looks like a delightful area.

  3. Re.the "I sleep best in my own bed" thing I can relate to it. That's why I am an RVer with all my heart. Gimmee any RV-bed as long as I own it I sleep well, which can't be said about beds in hotels.

  4. You are amazing, one small suitcase? That wouldn't be enough for just my bonnie brides makeup. Yep, you know who wears the pants in my family... ;c)

    My Sleepless Number mattress in my RV is terrible, I'd almost be glad to trade it for a hotel mattress.

  5. Salzburg looks like a beautiful old city - nice photos. I agree with you 100% about hotel beds compared to my own. At least I know who's been sleeping in my bed unlike the ones in hotels.

  6. oh goodie. I am off to check out the "book of face" and Salzburg. One suitcase???? whew! I actually have had a couple hotel beds in my life that were every bit as good as home. I wish I could remember where they were though. I think one was some kind of Westin with perfect mattresses, extremely fine cotton linens, a bazillion pillows of all kinds, and perfect down comforters. ahhhh.

  7. ohforpetesake!!! I was wondering what kind of photo app you had that I had never heard of. Duh!

  8. Ok. Salzburg looks like a Melody town, with shopping and people watching and a Sue town with narrow streets. I really love narrow streets in Europe. Nice to see some photos of the place we didn't go.


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