Sunday, August 26, 2012

When the milk runs low.

Guests arrived yesterday with no issues,  with the slight exception of some misinformation concerning the arrival time.  Nothing to do with the passengers, but the flight info said the plane was supposed to arrive early, so I made sure I did the same. Not sure what happened, but the flight arrived on time.  Had a bit of time kill. Such fun to hang around. 

I think I’ve griped about the new terminal enough at this point.  Would be nice if they had some place to sit,  but apparently people picking up passengers don’t need to sit down.   Bastard monkey designers.

I also noticed that they now have installed some Dude in a little box just outside the point of no return,  since there is very little indication as to just where the heck you’re supposed to go once you come out of there.  Maybe there were some complaints?  Not sure.


There’s still a certain amount of confusion though,  since passengers now have to come out of there to get to any connecting flights.  I think that’s the way it works anyway.  I’ll never have to find out. 

One suitcase per person isn’t really a big deal,  except of course,  a three series BMW doesn’t exactly have the biggest trunk,  and all three suitcases were that size.   Travelling Companion stayed home.




The routine when coming from overseas is,  get settled,  take a nap,  and then there’s a chance you might not have too much in the way of jet lag. 


Anyway,  I guess I underestimated the amount of coffee we’d need to consume in order for everyone to come around,  but unless I want to haul myself to the store first thing tomorrow morning,  I needed to find some place to buy milk today.  Nothing worse than needing to put milk in five cups of coffee,  and running out about half way there.

Not a big deal really.  Just have to know that the gas station is the place to go to get milk,  and the car didn’t mind the rain.


The rain splattered picture is a pretty good representation of today’s weather.  I think our high for the day has topped out at around 18°C.  Still not willing to give up on the shorts though,  except that we’ll be heading out to dinner a little later and long trousers are pretty much the rule.  For me anyway. 

The service stations in Europe are a bit of a far cry from some of the shabby things we have in North America.  I really could have stocked up on a few things if I had the need,  even in this tiny place.  Beer, booze,  all kinds of food related things.   There’s a bit of a price premium,  but if you run out of Jack Daniels on a Sunday,  then you just might have to pay a little extra.  Tough luck.


I didn’t take a pic of the very nice pearl necklace that Travelling Companion got as a belated birthday present,  but I did manage to remember the camera when Daughter Number One got one of her belated birthday presents.



There was some “oohing”  and “aweing”.  (Hard to spell that)

Not something we were willing to ship. 

I don’t think she’ll be putting that in with her checked luggage either.   Just a guess.

Anyway,  there was a brief excursion to St. Augustine's for the mass this morning,  but I was off the hook for that one,  since T.C.’s sister was quite happy to go.   They then took a couple wrong turns and ended up at Stephansdom,  which turned out to be a good thing,  since the sister had never been there.   Crazy,  I know! 

So many trips to Vienna,  and it seems like we always immediately cart her off to Slovenia to see all the relations.  There’s stuff to see here.  Shame to miss it.


Maybe I’ll do a dinner report tomorrow.  We’ll see.


Keep it real.   And no,  I don’t drink Jack Daniels.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Yep, you'd think the airport designers would figure out that not everybody has been there before. Like, have some signs or indication of where you're supposed to go when you're making your way through the maze. Toronto's Pearson is really bad for that. And then it's worse if you have a connecting flight and they make you go through security. Again!

  2. I guess I could drink Jack Daniels if that was the only choice but a nice cold beer would do it for me.

  3. I think taxi drivers charge extra is they have to stuff the suitcases on the interior of the vehicle:)

    Looks like it was a bit tight in the beamer!

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    1. Well let me think about that there, "Joel". I'd first have to set up a PayPal account, since I presently don't have one, and then to be fair, I'd need for you to be making monthly contribution into it, just for the advertising your little business, or whatever it is you do.

      So....I guess that's a "No"?


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