Thursday, August 16, 2012

This and that.

I’ve been procrastinating today just a bit,  but managed (hah,  “managed”,  he says!) to do a couple little chores and such.  Thing is,  it’s mid afternoon and Travelling Companion just phoned to say that she’s on her way home.  Hazzah!

I had to check the time.  Thought maybe I had dozed off there in the midst of mopping the floor or something.  Sounds like Caretaker hours to me.   Don’t worry though,  she’s put in her time on other occasions.  She could leave at four o’clock everyday for the foreseeable future, and there still would be hours owing.

I just hope she doesn’t forget about the hair appointment I set up for her tomorrow at four.  That would be a bit of an irony.



The things I see.


This cute little car was parked not too far from our front door this morning.  I think it’s a Spitfire.  Possibly a 1500?  

Wait!  Stop the presses!   I just saw the little badge on the front.  It’s an Alfa Romeo.  Sorry.  My bad.  Carry on.

The only thing is,  couldn’t a person do something about that Gawd awful license plate on the front?  That’s just criminal.   I have seen little square jobbies,  but maybe that wouldn’t work either.  I envy those who own cars in La Belle Province,  at least in terms of having a neat little sports car, since they don’t require a front license plate.  Seems to work for them.  

I don’t think there would be any other reason to want to live there though,  in spite of my supposed ability to speak French.   I’ve been there in the winter time.  I’ve seen the temporary shelter type things they have to use over their driveways due to the amount of snow they get.   And it’s not even the Austrian Alps. 



Neat idea,  although slightly goofy looking.   I was in Québec city back in the 70s for the Québec Winter Carnival and I was amazed at the number of driveways that had one of these things.  


Anyway,  T.C. just came in the door,  so I’m outta here. 

I think she was feeling a bit like this mannequin I saw this morning,  so she decided to leave with the rest of the masses.


Keep those sticks on the ice.  And your mannequins on their stands.


Thanks for lookin’ in.



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