Friday, August 31, 2012

Didn’t fall off.

Didn’t fall off the planet that is. 

Been on the run.   And I’m not going to get too carried away,  so no need to go and top up your coffee or anything.

First thing on the agenda was to secure a slightly bigger car on Monday afternoon.  Once in a while all those hours that T.C. puts in at the Company that Cannot be Named can get translated into a little favour or two.

The Passat on the right has just that much more room in the back seat to make having three bodies in there go from unbearable to sort of OK.   Somebody always ends up having to sit on the hump.  I knew where I’d be sitting.   As the designated spouse of the Divisional Controller,  I’m the only one other than her who is permitted to drive said vehicles,  even though Daughter Number One and her cousin can both drive standard.   Yes kids,  the BMW that we drive is an automatic,  but only because that’s what we asked for.  Most cars in Europe are standard.  




First leg of the journey Tuesday morning was to Salzburg.

To Salzburg

Since that leg of the trip was going to be roughly three hours, and Daughter Number One and her cousin had no desire to sit in the back seat for that length of time,  they took the train from the Westbahnhof here in Vienna, over to Salzburg.   Travelling Companion and I have to take that trip one of these fine days.   They said it was great.  They had snacks,  coffee.   Relaxed.

We do enjoy travelling by train, but driving is certainly more cost effective,  and once you get there,  you have a car to use.  Just the same though,  we need to take that train to Salzburg for a visit, maybe on a weekend.  I said that,  didn’t I?  Maybe if I say it enough,  we’ll do it.  It’s a new service that is in direct competition with the Austrian Railway system,  and leaves the station every hour.   You simply get on the train,  buy your ticket,  and away you go. 

We didn’t discover until we arrived at the train station in Salzburg that the first 20 minutes of parking in their underground parking lot was free.   So that was a bonus.  I was actually willing to pay for the convenience,  but since the trains are quite consistently on time,  20 minutes is all time you really need to go up and meet your passengers.

The time in Salzburg was mostly spent wandering around,  and Travelling Companion had this particular salad on the brain that she had had the last time we were there.   My mission was to once again find that particular restaurant,  which wasn’t that much of a challenge.   Parking in Salzburg can be the challenge,  but that’s just part of having the convenience of a car.   You just have to suck it up.   Found underground parking once again,  and considering that it was a warm sunny day,  I’m OK with leaving the car in the shade of the underground for a few hours.


The restaurant in question was actually a pizzeria.

No salad for me.



‘Nuff said.


Anyhoo,  I have a couple more little errands to run today,  and maybe I’ll annoy you with the second and third legs of the trip a little later.

Tomorrow it’s off to the airport once again to fetch Daughter Number One’s significant other.   He couldn’t get as much time off as her,  so she left Canada without him.  It’s the way these things go sometimes.


Stay tuned.


Thanks for coming on by.




  1. the pizza looks yummy!..much better than the one we got from Costco yesterday..cardboard with meat?

  2. German cars are not so bad -- and so much more fuel efficient.

  3. yumm looking pizza much better than salad in my books...enjoy your com pany

  4. Another fun day with company and the pizza looks yummy!

  5. Finally got up with you and you are on the run......enough said. Seems like you have had your share of visitors these past few months. Carry on & enjoy!!


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