Monday, August 20, 2012

Going for the record.

Not me.  Settle down.

I’m talking about our temperatures. 


And I realise that for some folks in parts of North American where it’s been blistering hot for most of the summer,  you’re probably thinking that hitting 38°C might not be that big a deal.   Fair enough,  but not everyone around these parts has air conditioning. 

As a matter of fact,  Travelling Companion was on her way to the Czech Republic this morning,  and will quite likely be stopping off at her second office up in the  Gmünd area,  where they DO NOT have air conditioning in the office.  We were there a couple years ago for some reason or other and I thought it was just a tad warm,  and she later filled me in on that whole lack of air conditioning program.  No air conditioning in an office?   I had never heard of such a thing.  Nor have I been all that keen on going back.  Maybe when the place was built all those years ago,  there was no perceived need?  You got me.  I have no clue.  But they’re welcome to it.   Even in some of our schools we at least had air conditioning in the office.


Other than that earth shattering news,  we’re coming up empty here.   T.C. will be staying overnight,  so that’s one less worry.  She has gone up and back in one day, but travelling some of those roads late at night is just too stressful for the both of us.  We made a deal a while back that,  for these kinds of jaunts, she should just stay overnight,  and then head out the next day some time in the mid afternoon.


Of course,  for me that means fuelling up the car and getting it washed.

Had to go to two different service stations to get that accomplished.


Just one more of those slight annoyances of apartment living.  There were times in the Netherlands when I’d simply wash the car in the driveway.   Not a big deal,  and I certainly didn’t mind.   Trying not to grumble here.


Speaking of grumbling.  There was just the tiniest bit of purging on the part of Travelling Companion a few days ago,  and in spite of being told to “throw those things out!”  I happened to read in one of the local rags that we do in fact have a clothes drop off bin just up the street from us.  The only slight hitch in my big plan was,  I kept forgetting to take the stuff away.  Hence there was some grumbling.  Did it this morning.


Just ignore Rigoletto. 

The thing is,  I don’t ever really go that way,  so I certainly would have never noticed that bin.  I’d sooner see whatever charity it is get some used clothes and let them figure out what to do with them,  than simply heaving the bag in the dumpster.  Maybe it’s my “farmer Bob” side,  but I have issues with simply heaving out perfectly good stuff.   Somebody, somewhere must be able to get some use out of it? 

Took me a second or two to figure out how to open the bin, but other than that,  there was no inconvenience to speak of.


There will be more purging.  I’m pretty sure of that.

Try not to trip over any of your own stuff that’s under foot.


Thanks for looking.




  1. It still boggles my mind that in Europe a person just drives from one country into another... but, then... I'm less than 5 miles from New Brunswick, Canada... what am I thinking? I could walk there!

  2. nice of you to donate to the less fortunate, much better than throwing stuff in the land fill!!!..stay cool!

  3. It is nice to recycle the stuff and like you said let somebody else figure out what tro do with it.

  4. So you aren't going to go see Rigoletto???


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