Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Speaking of priorities…


It seems as though there’s always beer on sale in these parts.

I’m OK with that.

One week from Saturday we’ll be getting more company, so I’ve been slowly stocking up.  I might have to round out the wine assortment as well,  but the rack and the cupboard are both quite full,  so we’ll see.   Depends on what goes on sale.  I’ll be back to making my own wine once we’re back home I suspect.  I just won’t be able to justify paying some of the scandalous prices for wine back in Canada.  I might even try making some home made beer.



Merkur did have some brands on sale this morning when I was in,  but only if you were willing to schlep off a case of 24.   I have no huge desire to cart 24 cans of beer down the street.   That’s 12 litres,  since each can is a half litre.  I have no clue how much that weighs,  even though I could probably find out on the net and report back to you.  Suffice to say,  that’s just a wee bit too heavy for any distance more than the local corner store.   Merkur is half way to the Ring from here. 



Tomorrow is a holiday here in Wienerland,  and Travelling Companion had every intention of staying home and chilling out for the day.   That is,  until she realised she had set up a conference call.  Nobody else to blame.  I’m guessing it’s not with any Austrians, unless they too will be calling in from home.   At least she won’t have to face the traffic in the morning and then at night,  although it’s been pretty light in the last little while,  since half of Vienna seems to be on holidays.   I went by the cafe downstairs just before lunch time,  and it was kinda empty.  Like,  when the owner and one waitress outnumber the customers kind of empty?  They’ll do better in a week or so,  since the kids go back to school before the end of the month and everyone will be back from the mountains or wherever the heck they go.


I think that’s about it for the big report.  I don’t even have to make dinner,  since we’ll be having left overs from yesterday.   I did some sort of pineapple/meatball/veggie thing over rice.  Not bad actually. 


The thing about rice of course is,  it’s good for a couple days,  since it can be fried, heated, whatever.   Having “fried rice”  is a good fall back type of dish if you have a good handle on just how lazy you’re going to be the next day,  or find yourself ‘cooking for one’.  Cooking for one pretty much sucks,  which usually means I won’t bother.  Probably not the healthiest choice.

I’m trying to contain my excitement.

Try to contain yours.



Thanks for looking in.




  1. Making your own beer???
    I wasn't privy to this side of you, I think you may need help with this.
    Maybe we'll delay our move when you come home and I'll stay on as an on-premises "hops handler".
    The wife can move is she would like...and well, I do have all those heavy comic book boxes to move and no wants to deal with that.

    1. Um. Wellll.
      My thoughts about brewing beer were leaning towards heading over to Better Bitters, rather than stinkin' up the house. But hey, the more the merrier.
      Oh, and I'll likely pass on the boxes of comic books. Someone like Mike Rooth or your brother-in-law comes to mind. Y'know. Big and strong. That kind of thing?

  2. For over 15 years i made my own wine at home and beer at a Brew place in waterloo. It was excellent and saved a lot of money. But now being fulltime it does not work out very well, we don't have a fridge big enough anymore to hold 50 liters of beer.
    Dinner looks yummy!

    1. I used to make wine at home when we were in an apartment, way back in the dark ages, and that worked well as I had a dedicated room where I could control the temperature. After we moved to the house, I started having some issues (too cold where I needed to keep everything) so I opted for a place where you pay and then they pretty much do the rest, except the bottling of course.

      Just had the left overs from last night. Even better the second time around.

  3. ah yes the price of wine in Canada..much prefer to buy my drknk of choice south of the border at Walmart!

    1. The prices are ridiculous.
      Actually, I think I used the word "scandalous", but close enough.

  4. If water weighs 8 lbs a gallon, a pint's a pound.. Now lets see 500 ml..... aw heck your gonna need one a those rolling shopping carts for sure! Rod


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