Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Failure to Communicate.

We're usually pretty clear on the major things like,  days and times for airport retrieval and the like.
But every so often....

Just a minor thing,  and I'm pretty sure I won't have to spend a night in the box.
I do however,  think that I cannot eat any more whipped cream.
 See,  there's only so much that is used for the particular type of apple strudel that Travelling Companion (and others in her lineage)  make.
 Now,  I'm claiming "the idiot didn't know",  since I bought two of the little containers,  and there was nary a mention that that would be exactly 100% too much.   The focus was more on whether or not I purchased the right kind.

See?  Never good to lose ones focus.

I figured anything with 35%  butterfat,  or whatever they're talking about, is gonna whip,  so I had very little doubt about that end of things. 
I clearly stood alone in this belief, since there was a certain amount of scepticism (bordering on derision) until things started to get considerably fluffier.
Even though I didn't have anything close to a back up plan,  I didn't panic.  (Um,  stores are closed on Sundays!) I figured I'd keep whipping this stuff until either the motor on the little whipping machine gave up,  or my arm fell off.  Losing an appendage would probably have been the only way out. 

Looks like whipped cream to me!   Thankfully.

This is how much was left over after the proper quantity was taken out for the strudel endeavour.  See the problem?
So the initial sense of accomplishment, along with being pleased over not losing my arm, was quickly replaced by not wanting to waste a whopping €.79 worth of whipped cream.   I mean,  that's some sort of crime,  isn't it?

Being the resourceful type,  I did conjure up a banana split concoction with some dried cranberry and ice cream,  with copious amounts of the creamy nectar. 

Not too bad I might add.

No picture.   I ate it before the idea occurred to me.

Just now I had a small dollop with the recently finished strudel.  Don't tell Travelling Companion of this particular transgression.  The strudel must stand on its own,  and should never be accompanied,  or sullied by anything like ice cream or whipped cream!
The horror!

I've never laid claim to being a pure-bred.

My tummy hurts just a little.


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  1. Oh that's funny... And reminds me of Rob eating an entire full jar of store bought apple sauce to get it out of the way since Mom had just made applesauce. He figured he should eat the entire 'just opened' jar so it wouldn't be wasted, and then he could move on to Moms applesauce which was the "good stuff". Ya, he never ate any of the good stuff since he felt so sick afterwards.
    Don't worry, I won't tell mom that you were blasphemous with adding anything to the strudel!


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