Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When my eyes don't deceive.

I wanted to say something like,  "Questions and Answers",  but that just sounds too deep.  Sorry,  if you're looking for depth, try looking down a mine shaft. 
No depth here.
What I'm talking about is the trivial little things that make me do a slight double take when innocently pondering the view over the city. 
Once in a while I meander up onto the roof to do a first hand evaluation of the weather.
OK,  so that sounds a bit pretentious,  sometimes I just want a breath of fresh air,  and to see what there is to see.  Besides,  the conditions can be somewhat different down at street level,  so trying to figure out how much winter clothing is going to work is mostly a big guess.

This is one of those times when I might mutter something under my breath that I can't exactly put into print right about now..

What the ??

Seems odd that the people below him appear to be not moving,  yet he is.

OK so,  I just figured that maybe that's one little area of the building that needs to be tidied up from time to time,  and headed on out the door.
(It's that morning walk thing)

 Funny thing too,  as I stood on the street corner down below and tried to catch a glimpse of this guy doing his little sweeping job,  I realised that nobody,  and I mean nobody ever bothers to look up.  I was starting to feel somewhat self concious.
You could be rappelling off a building fixing to break into a bank,  and nobody would ever notice.   Maybe it's part of not being the proper "city boy",  but I'm always looking up,  especially around construction sites.   While I can't claim that there's all that much in my head,  I would just as soon not have it get walloped by some big nasty spanner* falling from above.

And by the way,  what hair brained architect thought it would be fashionable to put this goofy looking cantilevered slab on the side of the building?  I'm sure at some point in the design stage,  they all gathered around to "ooh and ah" at this really cool feature.   Then of course,  when the builder saw the plans,  I can well imagine his first reaction was that of a long sigh of quiet desperation.

But I digress.

So just now I was once again topside putting away the bird feeder.  The chickadees that had been coming around have been pretty scarce lately, and the only visitors that we've had have been these big ugly things that make nothing but a mess.  Not cleaning it up any more.  And yes,  I'm talking about birds here.

It turns out there was a follow-up plan...

OK then.
Starting to make a little more sense,  and the colour is certainly in keeping with the notion of being fashionable.   Not sure why you wouldn't just paint the underside,  where it can more readily be seen?  It's certainly not like this is some sort of waterproofing membrane.   I mean,  there's a big freakin' hole there.

At least in these two pictures it's more obvious that his safety harness seems to be attached to something.  You wouldn't get me up there to start with,  safety harness or no.

And that would be today's big contribution. 
Thanks for stopping by.

Be sure and tip your server.

*we'd tend to call it an "open ended wrench",  but I prefer the sound of "spanner".


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