Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heading out

Not that the frequency,  or infrequency of blog posts is going to be affected in any way,  but this morning I'm off to the airport and then on to Barcelona.  The chances of any kind of update from the hotel are pretty slim,  and there's no way I'm carting along this laptop.

I also just noticed that the time stamp says Thursday  March 24th,  and it's not.   I guess I'm never on here this early.   Something to do with having left the time for this computer on "back home" time.  It's Friday,  trust me.

Of course,  sleeping in is never any kind of a concern,  since I'm sure I've been watching the clock for the last couple hours or so.  Therefore,  it's only 6:30 a.m. and I'm ready!
It's not that I'm that anal retentive or anything,  but else does one do?  May as well get ready.
 I'm pretty sure that it's not the flying itself that puts me on edge,  but all the pieces that have to come together to get there.  Once I'm on the plane and in my seat,  I'm perfectly content.
Boarding pass is printed out and at the ready.   Even have the train tickets ahead of time.  There was a suggestion that I should leave the car parked at the airport for the weekend,  but that's just crazy.   I could rent a car and drive it there for what that would cost,  so it's U-Bahn (subway)  and then Schnellbahn from Wien Mitte.     Schnellbahn="commuter train",  I guess?
Anyway,  that's only €7,20   and that's also for the return ticket. 

And I don't have to drive.

That's about it really.  There's a couple little things to fart around with,  like empty the dishwasher,  wash my plate and coffee cup from this morning,  since we've always had this thing about not wanting to come home to even one dirty dish after a trip.

OK,  maybe that is a bit anal after all.

Have a fine weekend.



  1. have some fish, potatoes, mussels and cava at this little bar...

    But get there at 11am! at noon it is packed.

  2. Ah. Well, thanks.
    Sort of missed that snippet, since internet was pretty sparse for this visit. There's a good chance we will return, but those plans are still in development. Something to do with a birthday.


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