Monday, December 6, 2010

And now we wait.

We're down to the single digit countdown now.   The weather looks like it should hold out until Friday,  and at least we're not flying into Buffalo.
For those of you who might happen to tune in from other corners of the world,  Buffalo got around a meter of snow last week.  It doesn't matter if you do or do not know how much a meter is.  That's a lot of snow.

Making a list.
Checking it twice.

Finishing up laundry.
 Standing in line for the usual long wait to fill prescriptions for Travelling Companion only to be told to come back in the afternoon since they were out of stock.
Standing in line again this afternoon to pick up said prescription and observing this hair brained individual jump to the head of the queue to ask if she had left her bank card behind and if the clerk would please go back and check only to discover that she had put it in another spot in her wallet.
I did not make eye contact.
Standing around at the bank to make sure a couple bills get paid before we leave.  Standing "in line" is only if you're going to the "Kassa",  all others have to hover around like lost sheep.
Putting our stuff all in one location so as to not forget anything.
Trying to figure out how to pack a jar of honey that somehow mysteriously ended up being brought here from Slovenia without having it explode in our luggage and nicely breaking in the brand new huge suitcase that Travelling Companion got from her American Express reward miles.
Car rental.
Two return tickets to Toronto on KLM. 
Check.   (no Austrian Air thanks)

There will be a couple more things to check,  like order a cab and print off our boarding passes,  but it's too early.
We'll do the smelly cab routine this time,  since the other public transit also involves a little too much walking for Travelling Companion.  Therefore no  "CAT" or "Schnellbahn".
If the geniuses who "designed"  (and I use the term loosely)  the airport here in Wienerland actually had some decent long term parking that didn't cost more than the car itself I'd actually consider it.   They don't.

There's also the small matter of trying to work away at the contents of the fridge so as to not have to throw out copious amounts of food at the end of the week.  The power is considerably more reliable here than in say Puerto Rico,  but I still don't like to leave too much in the fridge if we're away.  
Would prefer to keep the unpleasant olfactory experiences to a minimum,  thank-you.
That mandate would also explain our particular choices when it comes to the airline and the seating arrangements. 
More on that later.

Four more sleeps.


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