Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I need more light!

Not sure if I've complained about this in the past,  and if not,  it's a subject that's overdue.   When is December 21st again?  Isn't that when the days start to get longer?
I swear some days when it's overcast it's dark by around 3:00 p.m.

 I don't like it.

 I know we get our reward in the summer time when it's light on into the evening,  but that's not good enough.

That's all I want to say.

Oh,  that and you should have seen me trying to explain to this one guy in Puerto Rico who wanted to rent us his house just how the days are so much longer in the North in the summertime than there.  I could have used something like a baseball and a tomato to demonstrate the angle of the sun,  but didn't have anything handy.
He pretended to understand.  Not sure he did.
At 18° north of the equator,  the length of daylight in Puerto Rico only changes by about a half hour between summer and winter.    And the sun doesn't just gently slide sideways below the horizon.  No,  it drops like a stone.

 On a completely different matter,  today is a National Holiday here in Wienerland,  since it's the "Immaculate Conception",  and everything that matters in closed.   I did however notice that the cops were overseeing the blockage of Mariahilfer this morning,  which to me means the retail stores will be open.  I haven't bothered to go back downstairs to investigate,  since I don't particularly care.

 I couldn't help but notice in one of our local blurbs the picture on the front of one of the small take out places around the corner from us.   They just opened in July and judging from the near constant line-ups,  they seem to be doing well.

Good for them.

 Here's the thing though.

We hate these guys.
Well,  let's just say if they closed up shop and moved away,  nobody in the building would shed a tear.
They were the top most subject of our bitch session with the Landlords a few weeks back.   They managed to stink up the entire building from the very first day they moved in back in July,  and finally the authorities put the kibosh to their vile cooking habits inside the building.  Part of their "deal"  is that they have a storage room off the main hallway for their exclusive use.   Thing is,  they immediately started using it as a second kitchen.


Not sure just what was going on in there,  and I'm sure glad we have one of the newer stink resistant front doors,  since some of my neighbours below would come home at the end of the day to find their entire apartments smelling like a stale Chinese restaurant.  I can only imagine.
Well,  it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination,  we only had to step out into the hallway.
Couldn't hold my breath long enough to make it all the way out of the building.   Then to make matters worse,  the elevator would konk out on the order of about once a month,  so that meant even deeper breathing on the way up the stairs.

Once again.


The other somewhat disturbing by-product of this stinky business was a sudden increase in the number of rat traps in the building.  Think there was a connection?

Not sure what they're going to do when the weather warms up and their volume goes up.   They won't be stinking up the building any more that's for sure.
When their representative, who was at the previously mentioned meeting, said something about not knowing if they'd be able to stay open without being able to cook in that room,  it was met with a considerable amount of shall we say?  Silence?  Indifference?

Two more sleeps.

3:30 p.m.

This just in.

Seems people are shopping.

 I'm not.

 There was also an offering of music.   No recording.  Sorry.  I'm sure you don't mind.


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  1. I hate these noodle guys. It's funny that the government spends so much time criticizing the Turkish meanwhile wurstlstand after wurstlstand are being converted into noodle places. The Mariahilferstrasse will be Chinatown before you know it. Not to mention the food is terrible. I just don't understand how they are so popular. Perhaps they should add MSG to kaesekrainers.

    PS for some decent takeout noodles try Vietnam on Neubaugasse 45.


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