Thursday, December 9, 2010

A blustery day.

I had read that there was a cold front moving through and that we'd be getting a bit of wind today,  but thought better than to mention it to Travelling Companion,  just to lessen the chance of that whole "weather worry wart" phenomenon. 
Airplanes don't mind wind.   It's things like fog or volcanic ash that tend to make travel plans questionable.

 So the list continues.   I've called for our taxi,  which will be here tomorrow morning at seven.  I guess that means we're getting up at what?  Five?

Meh, we can sleep on the plane.

 I've also made another trip to the post office to send off a few more Christmas cards.   Lining up at the post office is always fun.    Luckily for me I avoided the one line where this young lady had over 150 letters.  Even though they put them all on the scale and she agreed to pay some sort of amount that included them stamping them for her,  she was still there after I had waited for the three people in front of me,  send off my cards and had gone.     Wouldn't there be some better way of doing that?   Just wondering.

 When I happened to peer out onto the balcony this morning,  I was a little bit surprised to see just how windy it had been overnight.

Ruh-roh.   Not exactly the ideal situation for keeping the bird seed dry.   And I won't be here for the next three weeks to do any re-mediation.
I thought by tying the lid down that would suffice,  but a little later on I happened to look out,  and it seemed as if the whole thing was about to go airborne!   Whoa!

Time for a more trustworthy solution.

There dammit.   That should hold it.

Even though I had initially put the feeder out without the tarp,  it was probably a good thing that Travelling Companion had insisted that I cover the table,  since the birds tend to be messy little buggers,   although I haven't seen any evidence yet of any crapping going on,  which was the reason for the tarp in the first place.

We'll see how it looks in the New Year.

I'm sure you'll care.

I think that's about it for today.   I got nothin'.

I just hope my trousers are dry.   Gawd I miss our dryer. 

 Oh....I miss you too kids!   *ulp*

Keep your sticks on the ice.

Almost forgot!  ONE MORE SLEEP!   Heeheeee!


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  1. Oh that's hilarious that you tied down the bird feeder! Well, it's a good thing, you don't need a missing bird feeder when you get back I suppose.
    Ya so we went to the post office yesterday and this couple had paid for stamps, then went to the side (where peeps are supposed to fill out info for their packages and put their own letters in the slot)and stood there FILLING OUT ALL THE CARDS. Okay, that's what HOME is for. So when Rob had to fill out his info, he had to balance the package on some water bottles and no one could get to the slot so they were just leaving their own cards all over Onno's desk! For crying out loud. Seriously!? Ah well.. ONE MORE SLEEP YEAH!!


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