Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fruitless Wanderings.

How shall I put this?    I've been told that I waste more time "looking for stuff"  than anything else.
 OK.   I'll admit it.  It happens.
 See,  although I have more "stuff"  back home in Canader,  somehow I've managed to keep it more organised.
 It's that whole,  "everything has it's place,  and every place has it's thing",  or something like that.   I can go to a drawer in my shop (yes,  there are drawers)  and usually on the first pull,  I can come up with the item I'm looking for.

 Not here by golly.

 Between the storage cage in the basement,  the little hut on the roof and various spots around the apartment,  I manage to put things away in places where I never seem to be able to find them ever again.  Ever!

 It's not that big a place!  How is this possible??

A few days ago,  or maybe it's weeks by now,  Travelling Companion bought some presents for some of the kiddies back home.
This whole concept of paying as much or more for shipping  as what something is worth to send it half way around the earth for someone's birthday doesn't really sit all that well with me in the first place but hey,  I'm willing to go along.
There is such a thing as gift certificates,  but what do I know?
 Secondly,  I'm the one who has to do the packing up and the trip to the post office.


 So fine,  I had gathered up the necessary boxes into which these items had to go,  and then set about to find some packing tape that I had bought in the Netherlands,  and that I KNOW I've used since coming here to Wienerland,  and that's where my wanderings began.

Oh man! 

"And what did you do today,  Bob?"

 "Well  lemme see,  spent the afternoon wandering around looking for a roll of tape."
 "Yessiree,  busy day...."

At one point I finally gave up on the idea and went across the street to Müller to see if I could just buy some more friggin' tape,  but they didn't have any.
 They had double sided carpet tape,  but I somehow didn't think that would work.

 This is unfortunately how one ends up with more "stuff" since if I buy more tape,  (I have a couple other stores I can visit) I'm pretty sure I'll find the tape that I know is already here.  Always happens.   Some sort of "lost things karma".

 Mind you,  not much would be getting bundled up tonight as it is,  since Travelling Companion just phoned to say she would be late.   Very,  very late.
She didn't elaborate,  nor would I presume to say anything in a public forum,  but I'm pretty sure it has to do with some numbers.   It would seem some of them are scary numbers,  but have nothing at all to do with Halloween.   Just a coincidence.

The number for today is...

wait for it...



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