Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winter Approacheth.

I love the fall.  Don't get me wrong.  However,  it's what comes after it that makes me turn up my nose just a tad.  I've never been a big fan of winter.  Maybe because as kids we never had the resources to say,  play hockey or do much else that wasn't directly related to farming?
Hey,  I could drive a friggin' tractor at the age of six (in my case this was the age at which I was old enough to reach the clutch)  but I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was in grade six,  not that that has anything to do with winter, but I also never did properly learn how to skate.
I mean,  I can sort of shuffle my way around an ice rink until my ankles are on fire,  but I wouldn't call it skating.
Then of course,  there's skiing.


I do recall "throwing myself down a hill on two sticks"  once with a young lady I was dating at the time.  Bless her heart,  she thought she'd teach me how to ski.  Never did get past the "snowploughing"  stage of the development.  I just kept having these visions of crashing into one of the many,  many trees that were on either side of the bunny hill.
And what kind of sense does that make?  Let's put trees on either side of the bunny hill.  That'll build confidence!

I can do the cross country thing,  but I need a place to go!   Why are we doing this again?
Is there some outpost I need to get to?  Are they running low on supplies??  My feet are cold.  Let's go in.

Couldn't see the point of any of those activities to be honest.

So then,  what does winter really mean?   Shivering.  Shovelling.  Scraping.  Salting. Sniffling. Sulking.

 OK,  maybe not the last one,  and you'll notice I left out "skidding"  since these days we have ABS and traction control.

I've been lucky enough to avoid the "sneezing" end of things for a couple years.  I think I might have had a cold last year.  Can't really remember,  so it mustn't have been that bad.  No longer working in a germ infested elementary school doesn't hurt either.

Not only that,  but I tend to wash my hands each and every time I come in the door.  There are a lot of snotty people out there.  I was just out.  I'm not kidding.

In spite of some minor gripes about living in Puerto Rico,  (getting good food can be a challenge) being cold was not one of them.  Nope. Nope. Nope.

Sub tropical.
Most days I was sweating buckets.
I think I wore socks and long pants (gah!)  maybe three whole times we were there.

Unfortunately,  this slightly elevated ambient temperature did lead to a higher consumption of beer,  the results of which are still evident around my middle. 
Maybe I need to take up jogging.  But then we're right back to,  "where are we going?"  "Why are we doing this again?"  Not to mention all the Tylenol I'd have to take.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes,  and don't slip and fall on any wet leaves.

Weather for Vienna, Austria

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Humidity: 76%
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