Friday, October 15, 2010

Back from the Dentist.

And BOY was that fun!   Whoohoo!
 Yup,  sure love going to the dentist.  Yessiree.

 Um...In case you just surfed in I'm kidding.

  Going to the dentist for me is right up there with getting a Barium Enema.
At least with the Barium Enema I could do a rendition of "Burnin' ring of fire".

Actually,  the otherwise rather stern technician did start to chuckle at that point,  but I'm getting off topic here.   Hey,  someone is shoving a hose up yer ass,  you may as well use a little levity.
I think she said something like,  "Oh God,  you're worse than my husband".
 I'm guessing that if one's job consists of shoving a hose up someone ass all day long,  you're bound to get a little ribbing at home.
 I think there's a pun in there somewhere,  but I'm not going to elaborate.

 Anyway,  where was I?

  This guy knew his stuff,  and had this really awesome ex-ray machine that went right around your head to take an all in one panorama of one's teeth.  I thought that was pretty cool.   Considerably better than what I'm used to,  which is to bite down on the film and then wait while the technician runs into the next room,  all the while trying not to gag and toss my cookies.
 His English was pretty good,  although his assistant didn't venture to try.  No biggie,  I figured I was getting a break as it was.
 Turns out the tooth is still living,  since he did the cold air test to verify that one.  That's always good for kicks and giggles.
 There was the usual drilling,  sucking,  spitting.
Oh,  that's the other thing,  you don't ever need to get out of the chair,  since there's a portable sink right there next to your mug.

The other thing was,  his "assistant" actually did the filling after he had done the initial removal of all the nasty bits.  I thought she was getting the whole area ready while he went into the next room (another patient had come in by then)  but when he came back in,  we were done.
She was also the "receptionist".  
Hey,  whatever works I guess.

 In spite of this being a temporary kind of deal,  they did a very nice job,  and I'm not really sure that any further work needs to be done.  (he says confidently) The thing looks way better than it ever did before.
Just the same,  I got an estimate for a proper crown.  We'll see what the very smart insurance people have to say about that.   Considering today's visit came in at €275 and the estimate for the crown is in the neighbourhood of €750,  I'm not going to hold my breath.
 By the way,  the other crown that I have came in at around $1200,  so I don't see those prices as being that much out of line on the "world wide dental payment scheme",  if there is such a thing.  Keeping teeth in one's head can be an expensive proposition.

The dentist's office is actually behind the Votivkirche.   You may recall we went to a service there back in the spring some time.

Rather than head directly for the subway at Schottengasse,  I decided to hoof it a ways,  since I normally only come along this way by car,  which means missing out on a bunch of stuff.  The architecture,  statues and such in Vienna can be a little overwhelming,  and a person could stand and take pictures like a complete idiot to no end.

This is just on a side street....

I also noticed posters for some sort of exhibit involving Airstream trailers.   Not sure what the deal is with that,  but I find it intriguing.

I finally had had enough of walking by the time I got to Volksteater, and decided to get back on the subway and come home.  I was actually kind of avoiding the subway routine at first,  since my mouth was totally frozen and I didn't really know whether I'd be just another drooling idiot on the U-Bahn or not.

Hope everyone has a fine weekend.

Dammit,  now I'll have that song in my head for the rest of the day....


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