Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's with the honking??

There's not a whole lot of noise that makes it's way up to nirvana here,  but every so often some idiot decides to lay on his horn.  I have no idea what they think they're going to accomplish,  but I'm really trying to resist the temptation of the "dark side" here with thoughts of side cutters and duping people into opening their hoods for me.
Just one little snip.  That's all I ask.

Pretty sure the cops are too lazy to get involved,  since that might mean getting on the radio or something. 
And really,  it's best to not get the Vienna police involved in any actual policing matters,  since they're liable to either shoot someone or just beat them silly.

These signs..

are clearly on display at every point leading into the city.
Maybe the average motorist in Wienerland figures since their horn doesn't actually look like that,  that the law doesn't apply to them?
Wouldn't surprise me.

OK,  now I feel better.  Sort of.

Meanwhile I thought I'd better do a little follow-up to the "Slovenian weekend".

It was fine.   Really.

The trip there came in at just under the four hour mark,  or something like that,  since we did make a brief stop along the way for a little snack and coffee.  I try not to overdo it in the coffee department these days,  especially if I'm going to be in a confined space for any length of time.

Let's not go there.

Since we were booked in at Vila Bled,  I simply left it up to the navigation system to take us there.  It's worked splendidly up to this point,  so I saw no reason why there should be any issues.   What I didn't quite fathom though,  is the fact that we have these things called MOUNTAINS just to the west of us here,  that do tend to dictate the method by which one may actually get into Slovenia.
Oh,  and don't even get me started about how to get there by train.  It's a six hour train ride...
  Part of the border between Slovenia and Austria is made up of what is referred to as the "Southern Limestone Alps",  which means at Graz you can either choose to go south and head for Maribor and then on to Ljubjlana,  or turn to the west and head for Klagenfurt.
So getting to Bled actually meant going all the way to the Karawanken Tunnel,  since Bled is actually quite a few kilometres north of Ljubljana.

Somewhere in there I was accused of choosing this route for the simple notion that I might possibly get a charge out of saying the word "Karawanken"  but really,  I'm not that sharp.  I had no clue which way we were headed,  but figured if we ended up in Italy,  it might be time to check a map.

Or haul out a different dictionary.

And yes,  I do like to say "Karawanken".

Karawanken. Karawanken. Karawanken. Karawanken.


It just sounds too much like "Willy Wonka",  and I can't help it.  Sorry.

Speaking of dictionaries,  it was rather surprising how well the Slovenians speak English.  Mostly that is.  I do recall that when we met this one cousin of the my travelling companion,  (last year) we probably had a better chance of communicating in German than English.
We didn't meet up with anyone this weekend,  since we really just wanted to poke around a little and generally be somewhere else.

The trees in front of the hotel were pretty huge,  so there were really only two views from our balcony.  Luckily we were on the third floor.

The big pillar didn't help either.

This island is considered to be the only island in Slovenia....

and the only slight consideration to being where we were,  was the number of times the bell rings,  or gets rung,  but the passing tourists.  Also,  on the Sunday morning at seven,  somebody was ringing the cr*p outta that thing.
And since there we absolutely no bugs,  it was perfectly fine to leave open the door to said balcony.  Up until that is,  seven o'clock on the Sunday morning.

Right at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the hotel,  there are boats waiting to take you over to the island.  We chose to give it a pass,  since it was quite windy and choppy on the water on the Saturday afternoon.  Plus,  after you go down the steps from the hotel,  there are another 99 going up to the Church.

Maybe next time.

Oh and apparently there seems to be fish in the lake,  since we happened to be in the vicinity when one of the local yokels hauled a 14 kg carp out of the water.
We only know that since he brought along his scale to weigh it,  before slipping it back into the water.

I guess a fellow needs to know these things.

And no,  that's not me with the camera.  That's just some annoying little bald man getting in everyone's way.  I was the tall bald man,  glaring at him.

So that was pretty much it.  I could go on and bore you with some more bla bla bla.  Suffice to say,  all the bugs that were not flying into our room were hanging out on the highway,  since the first thing we did when we got back to Wienerland was find a car wash.  Yikes.

Many many dead bugs.

There was no memorial service.

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