Thursday, May 27, 2010

A sad day.

OK,  first of all,  nobody died or anything.  If that were the case,  I'm not sure I'd be on here writing about it.  So no, it's nothing that is that important.

I should offer up a slight apology for anyone who has been incessantly clicking the link to read the latest.  Sorry.  I've been busy.

This is the usual sort of thing when we come home for a few days,  since there are so many things that need to get sorted out,  and only so many days in which to do it.
Appointments to keep.  Teeth to clean.  Bank employees to scowl at (I've been nice,  really!)  Hockey games to attend.  Beer to drink.

You get the idea.

Doesn't help that we're having a slight heat wave,  but that's OK as well,  since it could very well be in the single digits at this time in May and besides, we won't melt.
 I suppose.

We broke a few records temperature wise it seems.
I'm so happy to take part....

I should perhaps go back a few days and talk about the trip over.

It wasn't bad.

Austrian Air still has a ways to go to compete with KLM in my books,  but that's rather a moot point,  since it's doubtful we'll get back on a KLM flight any time in the near future.
I've learned to never say "never"....
We thought we'd pony up the extra dough and go for the upgrade,  since I'm sure you're well aware of my opinion of flying coach with Austrian.  It gets to be like a sweat box back there,  and it has mostly to do with the choice of aircraft that some executive made (who no doubt never flies coach)  since there's no ventilation to speak of.
So fine,  we came over in First Class.

Those who know me,  know that I'm pretty,  parsimonious,  but going First Class when the flight is over eight hours is a worthwhile expenditure.  Trust me.
My first impression though  was somewhat less than stellar,  since First Class customers have access to the "fancy lounge" when waiting for the flight. 

You need to take a close look at one of the chairs in the "first class"  lounge. 
I was only hoping the seats in the plane were in better shape.

You have to also understand,  in spite of the general stupor that I put myself in for airline travel,  for me to notice and then want to photograph shabby furniture,  you may very well get the impression that it must have really caught my attention.

" this is the fancy lounge.  Hm...."
'Nuff said.

On the extreme other end of things,  my travelling companion leaned over to me at about the three hour mark into the flight and said,  "we've been eating for two solid hours". 
Very true.  And good stuff. 
They know how to stuff their first class passengers.
Helps to make up for the poor ventilation.  Not much better than coach,  except that at least in first class there's more room to be uncomfortable.  And it's easier to get to the wash room.  They need new planes.

Now,  skip ahead.

One of the slight nagging items on my little agenda of "things to do"  concerned the motorhome,  and what needs to be done with it.  Gah!
We're currently paying storage and insurance on the thing,  and haven't gone too danged far in it lately. 
*sigh*'s gone.  Made some calls,  talked some numbers,   Took it to a dealer.  The cheque is already in the bank.

I had made a half assed attempt to sell the thing over the last two years,  but since I'm not here,  that makes it pretty damned tough.  I'm kinda the one to answer the questions,  and email is less than ideal.  So..enough fooling around.
Our daughter had the unfortunate experience of having to sort out the "looky-loos". Oh,  don't get me wrong,  we had some "looky-loos".  None of them were overly serious,  and one person actually had the nerve to ask if I'd finance their purchase? 
Now admittedly,  it would only be people who KNOW me,  who would never in a million years think to ask such a thing,  so maybe that person just thought I was what, born last night?  Not sure. 
Look at my profile pic.  Is there anything about my demeanour that would indicate that I'd want to finance a complete stranger or that say,  I'm a blithering idiot?
Just askin'.

Plus,  this is the year for the emissions test,  so I couldn't simply go to the Ministry with my money and get a new sticker.  I've never had any issues with that particular money making scheme,  (or, some may refer to it as a "money grab")  since it has always passed any emission tests with flying colours,  but I just didn't want to have to go through all that bla-bla all over again.  The plates ran out in July.   Good time to sell.

So,  one less thing to fret about. 

I'm going to try not to get too maudlin.

I still have pictures....and for the ten years that we owned it,  we had some good times.

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