Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Monday.

But this Monday is the penultimate Monday before we go home.
I just taught you a new word.  Yes,  that's an actual word.  It means, "second last",  as opposed to I suppose,  "ultimate", which would be next week.
Today is also the day when I can start counting "sleeps" until we go home.  We're at 10 sleeps.  I figure we shouldn't really start counting "sleeps" until down around the 10 to 15 day mark.
Any more than that is kinda silly.
For those who may have had some experience in the Air Force (say)  you may wish to also count the travel morning as a "wakie".
So,  "ten sleeps and a wakie"  would be the proper terminology.

Aren't we learning heaps of useful stuff this morning?  Hope I didn't make your head hurt.

One of my nieces is counting the days until she retires and is at something like 2100.

That's just messed up. 

What kind of internet logarithm do you find to tell you how many days until you retire?  And why do you need to know to the day?  It's fine to have a vague idea,  but this sort of precision amounts to what I refer to as "wishing your life away".  It seems to go by fast enough,  no point in wishing too far ahead.

But that's just my dim-witted philosophy.

Saturday was almost another shopping day,  but we couldn't agree on the terms,  so the whole idea was scrapped.  I was willing to go out to one of the burbs to a place like Obi or Bauhaus and look for a plant or two for the space upstairs,  but I drew the line at sheets and pillow cases.
Just wasn't happenin'.

On Sunday though,  the walkabout committee was considerably more successful,  as we managed to visit both a Church and a Museum.
Everything is so close at hand in the first district of Vienna,  that it's almost a shame not to spend a couple hours wandering around.
The Church we chose was St Augustine's and naturally we didn't realise until we set foot in the door that the place would be packed due to the whole "let Mom drag us to Church for Mother's Day" program.
So we ended up actually sitting on temporary chairs way up past the altar.  We know enough now to head for one of the back rooms for a couple chairs,  since that seems to have been our experience on a couple Sundays up to this point.
The other reason for the place being packed was,  in spite of the information on the website indicating that concerts wouldn't start until June,  there was a full ensemble doing works of Haydn.  Had I known we might have been able to get there a bit earlier.  Haven't managed that up to this point.
Hate being late.
If you go to that website,  you'll notice that the Church is kind of long and narrow,  with sides that are quite plain,  with each end being dressed up to compensate.

I did grab a couple video clips after the service if you're remotely interested.

(and it looks like I'll have to add those links later,  since Blip tv seems to be taking it's sweet time)

Our Museum visit was to the Kunsthistorisches Museum or the Museum of Natural History if you insist on the English version.
You may recall that a few weeks back I had purchased a couple pieces of paper....

Lovely,  aren't they?

 You remember these,  right?

So the deal is,  when you make your first visit,  these things get turned into passes with our names on them,  including the date.   We now have a year to get to all the places on the list.  If you go to the website and mouse over the "home" area,  you'll see the list of places we have access to.
For us this is not only a good deal, but since neither one of us can handle wandering around a museum for much more than about an hour or two,  going back for repeat visits is pretty much mandatory.
I mean,  we live here fer heaven's sake,  so we need to make that work for us.

I have to say,  just the building itself is incredibly beautiful and worth the visit.  We only saw one tiny section on one floor,  so we'll be back there a few times.

There are a couple half decent videos posted on Youtube.  This link is one that's not too bad,  showing the Egyptian items that we also saw yesterday.

Whenever blip tv get's it's act together,  I'll upload a couple more clips of my own.

Check back.

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