Thursday, May 13, 2010

And then the rains came.

Cue African drum music.

As mentioned earlier,  I did indeed head out and tool around on the bike.  Tried not to race,  but didn't stop much either.   Went through the Hofburg, and then all the way right round the ring to Schwedenplatz

And,  I have to figure out what this building is.

It's mighty fine.

We've driven by here scads of times,  and I haven't a clue.  Possibly Parliament?  Not sure.  Sometimes there's cops hanging around out front.  Nobody home today though,  just tourists.  (on edit...I wasn't sure until I just now looked it up....yup,  that's what it is.)

Probably was out for the better part of two hours,  and even though I had taken my rain coat along,  when it started to threaten,  I figured I'd head back up Mariahilfer.  (the legs still get wet,  you see.)
Since it was a holiday that meant that the traffic was light (good) but that the traffic lights were only flashing (not so good).  So there was never the hope of being forced to stop for a rest.  Gah!

Of course,  dignity would not permit me to simply pull over.  No no.

So fine,  I was just a tad sweaty by the time I got in the door.
Why does it jump out on my forehead like that?
Thanks Harry*.
Just very quietly took the elevator.  No stairs, thanks.  And thankfully nobody around.

Had I stayed out any longer,  I would have been a great deal wetter.  Of this I am sure, since it started to rain hard at around four,  and now that we're approaching eight p.m. it has only now started to ease up.  (more African drum music...)

Here's the thing however.  At about five,  I started to hear a sound that I had not heard before.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  There's the fridge.   There's the elevator.  In the winter there's the furnace.  (let's hope)
But then if there's an odd sound like,  say someone were herding recumbent pygmies on the roof (ya, get your head around that one) and especially if that were the case,  it's usually a good idea to investigate.
So I could hear this slight "slapping" sound,  that I began to suspect was water....


Turns out we have a slight leak somewhere upstairs,  and today was the day when it decided to let itself be known.
Just happened to have the small camera handy,  and figured there was nothing quite like video evidence.

We have this honkin' big chimney that runs up through the apartment,  which has been nicely enclosed with drywall.  No,  we don't have a fireplace,  but I think some folks below us do.  Anyway,  it seemed odd to me that there was this "missing space", that I noticed when we moved in, but it didn't take me more than about five minutes to figure it out.

It's also a handly location in which to put the water shut off for the two outside hose bibs that we have upstairs on the "Terrace".

There it is.

Didn't figure that one out until the next day.

So whether or not the folks below us are getting wet or not remains to be seen.  I heard them go out earlier today and haven't heard a peep since.  It could be just going down inside the walls.  Who knows.

Take a look.



And,  even though I can't get my fat head inside the opening to see where the water is coming from,  after seeing the third bit,  I now have a vague idea.


And is it just me,  or does that third one remind you of an old John Deere tractor?
Just be glad I could only suffer doing that for about a minute at a time.

I might have to phone the landlord in the morning.

Oh bother.

*Um....reference to my Dad,  not any other "Harry".


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