Friday, May 14, 2010

Le Déluge

So it did stop raining eventually some time in the wee hours,  and has been threatening on and off all day.  Puts a crimp in the "hanging out laundry"  program,  but I'll manage.

Typically when I exit the building,  like I did this morning on the way to the store, I simply head down the stairs.   I sometimes feel stoopid waiting for the elevator to come up six flights to fetch me,  when going down isn't that big a deal.
So when I got to about the fourth floor (in this building it's called the second floor...don't ask)  I noticed that the elevator was sitting with the door open. complete darkness.

Now,  there have been times when I've sorely wished that the elevator would normally sit with the door open,  especially after someone has been on with their smelly dog. 
Sorry dog people.  I'm not a big fan of stinkin' dogs. 
I shouldn't really have to bring along a can of some sort of flowery spray either. 

When all is right in elevator world,  it's at rest with the door closed.  So to see it sitting with the door agape was well,  a little troubling.

Remember I mentioned wanting to speak to the neighbour below about whether or not there had been any water coming in her place?   Thankfully,  the report is that no,  there were no issues.  The water that was coming down the chimney chase (I just made that one up)  didn't go into their apartment. 

This is good.

Where a considerable amount of it ended up though,  appears to have been in the basement.

Not so good. 

The further report is that this has happened in the past,  and it has an adverse effect on the elevator.  Having messed around with enough electrical devices over the years,  I'm not entirely sure why it should,  since everything should be isolated and all that jazz, but perhaps the breakers are really really  sensitive,  so perhaps that fits.
Don't breathe on them,  or get close to them with any other hints of moisture.

Mind you,  going up the elevator I do feel like I should hold my breath, but that's for other reasons,  whether dog related or not.

The final report is that her husband called this morning already to give a heads up to the building people. 
Let's keep our fingers crossed.

The chances of it getting fixed before tonight at around midnight when I get back from the airport with my travelling companion?  Pretty damned slim at this point I'm afraid. 
She did say though they've been known to come out on the weekend to sort out this goofy contraption.  (or as I like to call it, "Die Totesfalle*")

The only reason I had to go down to the storage at all was that I had yet another empty box that I wasn't quite ready to pitch out,  and figured I'd stick it in with a couple others.
Now,  since most of my previous experience with storing things on basement floors has pretty much been bad,  I'm not very trusting of simply putting cardboard boxes,  whether empty or not,  directly on the floor.  No no,  we don't do that.
So,  all is well in our storage locker,  thank-you.   I even make sure everything is covered in plastic,  just in case someone gets a little carried away beating the crap out of a veal cutlet in the restaurant above and dislodges a chunk of plaster from the ceiling.

It could happen. 

I hear pounding.

And no sorry,  there are no pictures,  since that would have meant coming back up here,  getting the camera,  going back down....

You get the idea.

I won't be going back down until later tonight on the way to the airport.

Happy Friday.  Drink responsibly.

*death trap

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my food post. I really loved the food in the Netherlands too...I've heard so many people complain about the food there, but I really did enjoy it! Sorry to hear that the fare in Vienna isn't all that great, but I do hope you come across a good restaurant soon!

    Take care, and have a good weekend :)


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