Monday, April 11, 2016

Yay! I didn't have to shovel!

And that,  Ladies and Gentleman,  is a sad sad thing to say when you’re almost half way through April. 

Unless you’re in Tuktoyaktuk, or some place like that.  Somehow though,  I suspect if you live in “Tuk”,  as it’s known locally,  you don’t even bother trying to shovel out.  You either have a four by four or a snow machine.

But I wouldn't know.

Personally,  I’ve never been to Tuktoyaktuk, (I just love saying that out loud), but one of my older brothers used to go up there with the Canadian Air Force.  Something to do with Norad or the DEW line. or some such thing.  He’s a great one for telling stories too.  None of them far fetched either. 
Some of those northern outposts,  airports in particular,  have a certain way of doing things.  Like when the guy in the coveralls who is going around tidying up the place,  turns out to be your pilot. 
Remember that show Wings, from back in the early 90s?  Kind of like that,  only with far fewer personnel.

But I digress.

We had some more snow last night,  and I thought for sure I’d be out there this morning,  shovel in hand,  trying not to keel over.  But whatever was on the driveway and walkways has melted. 
Pretty exciting!


Now it’s just cold and dreary.  It’s above freezing mind you,  but still generally crappy.   Not sure when the forecast is going to be less crappy either.  

I’ve gotten tired of looking.

Couldn't help but notice this poor little bastard.  He doesn’t look very comfortable. 

Anyway,  it’s been a frustrating few days in the electronics department here at the Ponderosa. 
Just this morning I had to ship back a Home Theatre Receiver to Amazon after the thing would no longer produce any sound.  Acted suspiciously like there was a cold solder joint somewhere on the amp side of things,  but I've only had it a few weeks,  so it went back.

There was an offer to send a replacement,  but it would first of all be “4-6 weeks”,  and then if it’s the same model,  who’s to say it won’t have the same problem?

The thing is,  Ive been a long time fan of Yamaha Receivers,  as I have an old beasty that I bought in 1975 that still works like a charm.  It’s been relegated to the garage mind you, but it still works.
Of course,  it was three times the cost of the one I bought from Amazon, (and in 1975 dollars!) probably due to the fact that it was made by folks who actually knew what they were doing?   Not sure.  So now I'm in a quandary as to what to buy.
Might have to go over to Onkyo,  although, after just now reading some of the problems with a number of their products,  I'm not sure about that choice now either.  *groan*.

Thus begins another “quest” for a decent product at a good price.  This could take a while.  I might have to break down and actually go to a proper stereo shop.
How “Old School”.

Now,  that wasn't the only thing that crapped out in the last little while.

Friday morning at about 12:30,  T.C. woke me up to report that the DVR for the security cameras was beeping.   I was out cold at that point and hadn't heard a thing. 
In my half awake stupor,  I couldn't seem to come up with any other solution other than just shutting the damned thing off,  and then took a closer look in the morning.
After some in depth analysis,  all the while on the phone with the Lorex Dude,  we determined that the Hard Drive was indeed pooched.  So IT’S going back.   I'm just waiting to hear from them,  and might yet give them a call later today,  since I want them to send me the replacement so I’ll have a box in which to send the other one back.  There was some talk of taking my credit card number,  much in the same way you reserve a rental car,  just in case I have amnesia and forget to send the defective one back?  I didn't think that would be a problem.

We’ll see how that all pans out.

Fun stuff huh?
Talk about “First World Problems”.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Do you have your very own dedicated "send-back-parcel service?" The way you are throwing out things it could pay off you know. Kinda like making money on it. And you could solicit that service to your neighbours in case they have to send stuff back as well.

  2. Everything made today is disposable in a few short years, not like in the good old days.
    Loving this heat wave we are having, hope it holds for a while yet.

  3. I love ordering on line and not going into the stores... I HATE having to return anything... especially if it requires a trip to the UPS place. Good luck getting everything fixed without a hassle!!!


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